Ecotourism in Nicaragua

Sea Turtles


Whenever you visit a location that has a natural environment, exotic or endangered species, or is protected and meant to conserve the environment and the animals living there you are being a ecotourist. Ecotourism is important because you get to see the natural beauty of the world around you. It promotes the protection of our natural environment and is benefiting the economy around the world. Many cultures are growing and small communities are motivated by the natural ecosystem to lift themselves out of poverty.

Sea Turtles in Nicaragua

When visiting Nicaragua, one of the must see sights are the sea turtles. Several times a year, thousands of turtles leave the water to find a place to nest along the beach. You can find them on both the Pacific and Caribbean sides of Nicaragua right along the coastline. The sea turtles benefit from ecotourism because more people are aware of them and they try to protect and conserve them. There are ecotourism adventures for the sea turtles in Nicaragua and some of them are refuges working to protect the endangered species.