Welcome to Spanish 3 PreAP

Mrs. Winters/ W205

Welcome to Spanish 3 Pre-AP

In this class we will listen and communicate in Spanish daily. Spanish 3 Pre-AP is an elective course and by enrolling in high school language classes and continuing language studies in college, you prepare yourself for future opportunities.

We will use Google Classroom this year to connect and share information. All students joined the group . I suggest that you use your student's log in information to follow our classroom.

Remind for Spanish 3 PreAP Parents

To join:

send a text to 210-764-5612 with the message @sp3papas

This way you will be able to receive reminders for tests, quizzes or school related items.

Spanish 3 PreAP students are expected to:

  • Be prepared every day by doing homework and knowing the current vocabulary list
  • Practice the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Communicate in Spanish.
  • Ask for help and/or come in for extra help if needed.
  • Use the Spanish skills and knowledge learned in class to handle practical daily situations.
  • Become familiar with different Spanish and Latin American cultures through language and experiences in and out of the classroom.

General Classroom Expectations:

1. Be prepared for class. Do your homework, keep up with current material and do not forget previously learned material. Do your own work. Copying prevents you from learning and results in a zero and/or a call home by the student and a referral to your assistant principal.

2. Be considerate and respectful to all students and the teacher at all times. In addition respect the property of others by not touching, taking, or borrowing anything without permission to do so. Return borrowed materials to the appropriate place. Raise your hand when asking or answering questions. Do not shout out in class. Use appropriate language and do not sit on the tables or the floor in the room.

3. Be on time, be in your seat, and ready to learn. Remain in class for the entire class period.

4. Backpacks, purses, and bags should be on the floor, zipped up during quizzes and tests. Jackets and sweaters should be placed on the floor not on your lap during tests and quizzes as well.

5. Do not bring open food or drink (other than water in the original container) into this classroom.

6. Follow all rules of MHS.


Minor grades (Daily work/ quizzes) = 40 %

Daily work is any work that is not a quiz or test. There are 2-3 quizzes per chapter.

Major grades (Tests/ projects) =60 %

There are 3-4 tests per nine weeks.

Academic Information:

  • Each unit consists of daily work (done at home and in class), quizzes and tests.
  • Quizzes and tests are announced at the beginning of the unit, sent home via email, and posted in Google Classroom.
  • Warm up activities are given on most days. These are not group activities; however you may quietly ask a question of a neighbor or me.
  • Homework is given on most days. The majority of homework is checked on the due date in class and collected at the end of the week. Completed homework will be stamped and worth a 100%. Incomplete work should be completed by the end of the week and will be worth 70%. Homework must be corrected in another color. Stamped, but uncorrected homework will be worth a 70%.
  • There are no extra credit projects or assignments in Spanish 3. Students can earn bonus points on vocabulary quizzes by answering bonus questions. Students can earn three bonus points on a test grade by completing the test review by the due date.

Extra Help:

7:45-8:05: Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday

3:35-4:00: Tuesday

*On the weeks I have duty in the commons after school extra help will start at approximately 3:45.


  • Binder or a folder for Spanish papers
  • Pens and/ or pencils
  • One box Kleenex
  • The Realidades & Tejidos textbooks are stored in classroom.


Technology has its place in the classroom and can be helpful in learning. BYOT and 1:x are opportunities for us to bring additional resources into the classroom. Technology should be a helpful resource for students to enrich their learning, not to be a distraction. Sending text messages and playing games are NOT part of the learning process. . Technology can be very distracting. You cannot focus on your learning while focusing on your phone or another electronic device. Technology (including cell phones) should not be used during technology time outs. Misuse of technology will be handled following district/ campus policy.

Other information:

  1. The tutoring schedule will be posted in the classroom. Please let me know in advance, when possible, if you plan to come in so I can be prepared to help you.
  2. If you are absent the work from the day you is absent is due the day you return. Extended absences will be handled following district policy. It is your responsibility to ask for any missed assignments before or after class. I do make every effort to email you the classroom information when you are absent, please check your email.
  3. If you know in advance you will be absent, I expect you to get the assignments you will miss as well as schedule in advance when you take any missed quizzes.
  4. Reminders of progress notices and report cards are sent home via email.
  5. No handheld or on-line translators or computer programs may be used on any assignments. This is considered to be cheating. Use of these types of aids will result in a zero on the assignment and a referral to your assistant principal.