PARCC it Here

3rd edition Resources for ELA (and Math too)

What are you doing to prepare your students for the PARCC?? Check out the resources below!

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Students will need to be able to navigate the PARCC test including scrolling, dragging, advancing, tool bars, UDL tools, and more! Use this link to go to TESTNAV to see a tutorial on the tools! See the below screenshot of the TESTNAV navigation.

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NJ Resources for PARCC

A plethora of resources-all in one place!!

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Tech Tips and Strategies for PARCC

Students need to know basic keyboarding and it is suggested that students be able to type 30 words per minute in preparation for PARCC. For K-4, we have Typing Pal to help both at school or from home! Click the button below for more tech insight!
How do you prep your students for PARCC technololgy??

Students need to know different technology tasks like "drag and drop, copy, paste, cut and highlight". Read here for more........

How do I fit it all in?? Transitions and management!

How do we make the most of our instructional blocks? A must see for middle school teachers!

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Students in Mrs. Gagg's Glen Meadow health class preparing for the Research Simulation Task on the PARCC.