The gas planet

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Neptune is the eighth planet of our solar system and is the farthest planet instead of pluto

When you would be on Neptune it would take 165 Earth years for Neptune to get around the

sun and 60 to 190 days.

Neptune is a gas planet that is like any other gas planet.

Neptune looks like an ocean planet but it is just a gas planet.

Neptune has a weird orbit do to a time when Pluto get’s into it’s orbit

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The distance from the sun to Neptune is 4.5 billion km (2.8 billion miles) or 30.07 AU. that is pretty far

If you were on Neptune it would take only sixteen hours for a day to go by.

As we know Neptune and every other planet cannot support life like the other big planets known as Saturn, Jupiter, and UranusNeptune's atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen (H2), helium (He) and methane (CH4).

Neptune's atmosphere is made up mostly of hydrogen (H2), helium (He) and methane (CH4).
What Is Neptune?

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Neptune has 13 confirmed moons (and 1 more awaiting official confirmation of discovery).

Neptune's moons are named after various sea gods and nymphs in Greek mythology.

Neptune has six rings.

Voyager 2 is the only spacecraft to have visited Neptune.

Neptune orbits the sun and the sun is a star, also the sun is the biggest star in the milky way.