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STAAR Information

On Monday, May 9th, the students will take the Math State Assessment of Academic Readiness, then on Tuesday, May 10th they will take the Reading assessment. They have worked very hard this year and learned so much. We know they are ready! Here is some information you will need to know.

Reminders for you:

•Remind your child to show his/her work and to do his/her best, all days, but also on our testing days!

•Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest both nights before the test.

•Have your child eat a healthy breakfast at home or at school on the morning of the test.

•Gently encourage your child to do their best and show you believe in them!

Testing Days Reminders:

•Make sure your child arrives at school with plenty of time to prepare for the test (rushing around never makes for a calm child!). Students can start coming down to class at 7:30 on the testing days (Monday and Tuesday). It is very important that students are not tardy on the testing days. We start the test immediately at 8:00 a.m..

•Each student needs to have a couple of chapter books to read for after they are done testing. They can bring these from home, library books from school or from my classroom. If your child is going to bring a book from home, please have him/her bring it on Thursday or Friday, so that we can have everything in place for testing.

•Students should bring a sweatshirt or long sleeved shirt in case they get cold during the test.

•Students may bring a water bottle to drink from during the test. Students may have water only during the test. Please label water bottles.

•Students may bring an additional healthy snack on testing days. Students need to bring a snack that isn’t messy or won’t get on their hands at all for during the test. Any messy types snacks (like Doritos, Cheetos, brownies, Gogurt, fruit, yogurt, etc.) may be eaten at lunch on those days.

Snack suggestions for during the test (if possible please send these in ziplock baggie to avoid noisy wrappers)




Animal crackers

It does not have to be these snacks specifically, but it does need to be a snack that is not messy at all.

Students may bring unwrapped mints in a baggie to have during the test too. They must be unwrapped and in a baggie.

•During the test sessions, I will have to take up any electronics like cell phones, iPods, iPads, video games, etc. Please have your child leave the electronic devices at home. I understand that some need to bring a cell phone so that you can contact them after school. Please let your child know that the morning of the tests, they will need to hand me all electronics. I will return them at the end of the day!

Backpacks and Folders

•Students do not need to bring backpacks or folders on Monday or Tuesday. Please do not send them in!

What We Are Learning


2 digit by 2 digit multiplication


Readers Theater


Organisms and Environments

Social Studies


Important Dates

May 9 & 10

3rd Grade & 4th Grade Math & Reading STAAR Test

May 9-13

No before or after school tutoring all week.

No campus visitors.

May 19

Open House

May 20

Field Day

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