Welcome to Team McCrary!

Now What?

Start with Thirty-One Today (TOT)!

I signed up, now what?

Sign in to your virtual office, update profile, website & commission information. You will need to change your website to www.mythirtyone.com/number to www.mythirtyone.com/name. Download a picture, write a little about you and why you wanted to be part of Thirty-One. Feel free to check out mine.

Go to TOT, Click on New Consultant Training - There are many training videos. I would recommend starting with a Party Presentation - I recently listened to Traci Crocketts "Name That Tune"!

Schedule your Welcome Webinar

Make your List of 62. This will be a list you can refer to as you are scheduling your parties! Use FRANKS -(Friends, Relatives, Acquaintences, Neighbors, Kids (Teachers) & Spouse (friends' wifes, co-workers). You will have your list made quickly! These are people to add to your contacts to send your neewsletter out to. You will add your contacts in your virtual office.

Call and get your parties scheduled! If you sell $600 a month for the first 4 months you will get FREE product (See Start Swell), So get those parties scheduled!! If you miss one you still can qualify for Month 2 & 3.

Quick Start Checklist

In a hurry to get started? Use this Quick Start Checklist to jump in with both feet!


Call friends, family and neighbors and book your first few parties! At each of those parties, set a goal to book at least one additional party. Remember, just $600 worth of sales in your first 30 days earns you nearly $100 of free products and business supplies! That's just two average parties!

But don’t stop there! Our StartSwell program will make you want to party! StartSwell is a special incentive program that we’ve created just for our new Consultants to help keep you motivated with great products and other Thirty-One goodies. Valued at nearly $400, every product you earn through StartSwell will help you build your successful business, and all you have to do is party! So get out your calendar, make a few calls and get some parties on your schedule!

Check out the Start Swell Flyer and see all the great items you can earn!

Watch Party Videos on TOT. There are some great ones, take what you see and make it your own!

Make a habit to watch the short video trainings available to you to grow YOUR business!!


Open up your pink box and check out your Enrollment Kit products and prints. See what
goes together and practice pairing up items that coordinate for your Customers.
Select a favorite product and pair it up with a couple of additional items to offer your guests a complete Thirty-One solution!