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It's a Numbers Game, Folks!

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    THIS is how YOU can help. - As a new author, it can be difficult for my work to get the exposure it needs at this early stage in the game. So, that's why I'm having this promotion. Amazon has a best "seller" list for free books. What this means, is that if my book lands on this list - when my promotion is over, Awakened will get moved over to the Best Seller for "Paid" books. That's not small potatoes folks. So, please . . . PLEASE download your free copy of Awakened and share this newsletter via email or share any of my similar posts on social media.

    Even if you share with people who may not read YA, SciFi or just aren't into reading (*gasp* I know it's hard to believe, but they do exist) - Encourage them to download it anyway. It's FREE and it will help get Awakened on the list where it belongs.

    Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - a million times Thank you!

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So . . . what is Awakened about anyway?

Awakened is about a teenage girl, Alayna, who can see others' emotions as colors and feel them as well. She thinks she is weird, or perhaps just a little crazy. She hates living in the rural Ozark hills (fun fact - that is where I grew up) and can't wait to go away to college where she can, hopefully, live a "normal" life.

Well, on the first day of Alayna's senior year she meets Dru and she feels like she knows him from somewhere and feels actual electricity from him. Come to find out, he has a superpower too. As Alayna learns more about Dru's world, she finds out that things aren't always as they seem; she might not be the person that she has believed to be her entire life . . . because she might be - an alien.

You can read a somewhat better blurb than this on Amazon.