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January 20, 2015

Thank You!

Thank you all for the warm welcome to Athens City Schools. I enjoyed spending time in all four elementary schools last week. If I have not met you in person yet, I look forward to doing so in the very near future. Please do not hesitate to email, text, or phone me for support. My contact info can be found at the bottom of this newsletter.

My schedule for the remainder of January is as follows:

Mondays- Central Office Meeting Day

Tuesdays- AES (a.m.) / CES (p.m.)

Wednesdays- District Data Meetings & Training Sessions

Thursdays- Training or Open for Teacher Appointments

Fridays- JNES (a.m.) / BES (p.m.)

I look forward to learning with you!

Have a great week!

Alyson :)


Educreations is installed on all ACS iPads, so this tool is already at your fingertips! Below are a few tips and ideas to get you started. I am learning about this app as well and would love to partner with you to find ways to maximize its use in the classroom.

Already using Educreations? Please email me and share how you are using the app to enhance student learning!

Instructions To Help You Get Started:

Videos To Help You Get Started:

These videos are from an outside source. The information is very helpful, but please be aware the content may not always match our exact version of the app or app configuration. :) Alyson

Educreations App Tour:

Tour of Educreations iPad App
Your First Lesson in Educreations:
Educreations iPad App: Creating and Saving Your First Lesson

ACS Elementary Tech Integration


Technology integration can be seen in action across all Athens City Schools. Below are a few things that were happening in our elementary schools just last week!

Social Media- Learning & Sharing in Athens City!

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