The Mystery Solved

Materials in bioluminescent fish to help make them glow

First, the chemicals that are combined in a bioluminescent fish are very similar to a glow in the dark stick. The first substance in a bioluminescent fish is called luciferin. The luciferin reacts to oxygen to create light. The next substance is called luciferase. Some bioluminescent species need an extra chemical to help them glow. The extra chemical is called adenosine triphosphate. Adenosine triphosphate can also be found in humans.

How do bioluminescent fish survive in the ocean?

Bioluminescent species use a flashlight to see just like us humans do. The negative thing about a bioluminescent is that the creatures that dont have any light can see bioluminescents and hunt them. The bioluminescent sea creatures release a cloud of bioluminescent fluid to escape into the darkness. Bioluminescents can control how much light they produce by covering thier glow spots with flaps of skin. Bioluminescent light can be seen from more than 300 feet away.
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This bioluminescent jellyfish is known for their burglar alarm. Whenever attacked this bioluminescent jellyfish lets of a light show that can be seen from 300 feet away. Researchers believe that this bioluminescent jellyfish does this light show to attract larger sea creatures. The large sea creature will focus on the atolls predator so the atolla can escape.
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Tomopteris means cut-wing. This particular species called tomopteris nisseni is one of the few creatures on the planet that produces yellow bioluminescent light. When they get attacked they shoot out thousands of bioluminescent mucus from their legs to confuse their predator.
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There are more than 200 species of anglerfish. Usually they are dark grey to dark brown in color. Anglerfish can swallow prey more than twice there size. The male anglerfish is smaller than the female. When the male sees a female he will attach to her with his sharp teeth. Over time the male will permanently join to the females body and become one fish. The female can hold up to six or more males on her body. The female anglerfish are have the little light bulb while male anglerfish lack that. The males do not have a light up bulb on the top of thier head the females are the only ones that do.

By: Kiana