The Newsletter for SUHSD Teacher Induction

August 2018

Welcome to the 2018-19 School Year!

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What Is Teacher Induction?

Induction is the process by which a teacher earns eligibility for recommendation to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) for issue of a Clear Teaching Credential. A teacher must earn a Clear credential within five years of activating her/his Preliminary credential. The SUHSD currently provides access to a 24-month, CTC-approved Induction program at no cost to approximately 150 eligible teachers.

Teacher Induction is Aligned with Sweetwater's Essential Elements of Effective First Instruction

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Primary Goal of Teacher Induction: Ensure Effective First Instruction for Each Student on a Daily Basis

Below is Teacher Induction's Working Definition of Effective First Instruction

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SUHSD Invests in Teachers!

Last Year, SUHSD Teacher Induction Recommended over 120 Teachers to CTC for Issue of Clear Credentials (at no cost to Candidates)

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SUHSD Teacher Induction Currently Serves Nearly 150 Teachers across the District

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What is "Mentoring" in the SUHSD?

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SUHSD Teacher Induction Mentor Team Provides Access to Talent Districtwide

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Mentor Capacity Aligns with Candidate Needs

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Mentors Engage Candidates in Various Ways

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Mentor Self-Ratings Reflect Growth from 2017 to 2018

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Induction Program Calendar for 2018-19

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First Quarter Induction Program Professional Development Engages Mentors and Candidates

SUHSD is Committed to Developing its "Teacher Pipeline"

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2018 SUHSD Guide Teacher and IHE Representative Orientation

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  • Consider Sweetwater’s Essential Elements of Effective First Instruction (SE^3FI) and alignment to IHE expectations
  • Review SUHSD Guide Teacher identification process
  • Review SUHSD process for matching prospective student teachers to Guide Teachers for 18-19
  • Review SUHSD requirements for clearance/placement of preservice personnel
  • Consider and collect feedback on plans for ongoing support for SUHSD Guide Teachers, including alignment with CTC’s training requirements
  • Gain familiarity with specific program attributes and expectations

See presentation slides linked here

Upcoming Program Deadlines for Mentors and Candidates


due September 7

  • Aug Contact Logs
  • Aug Admin Notes
  • August Focused Observation Guide
due September 21
  • Summary/ies of Mentor/Admin Meeting/s
  • Q1 Coaching Conference Video


All quarterly Canvas assignments are due no later than September 14, 2018. Please observe weekly deadlines for specific assignments in order to take full advantage of mentor feedback!

Early Completion Option (ECO) application artifacts are due no later than September 21, 2018. This application is open to new Year One candidates with exceptional experience and demonstrated teaching proficiency.

The Continuum of Teaching Practice (CDE/CTC/NTC) Offers Useful Language for Providing Teachers Feedback on Instruction

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