Communicating Online

How to be safe and responsible!

12 Tips to remember when communicating online

1) Do not inadvertently give out personal information

2) Do not post photos of illicit activities

3) Do not post information being overly specific about location

4) Remember there's a human behind the screen

5) Don't give out credit card or any type of banking information

6) Trust your instinct on websites, if a website looks supicious or with malicious intent it probably

7) Provide notifications for allowing cookies

8) Never threaten violence

9) Never Lie/Cheat/Plagiarize

10) Don't Bully

11) Post ideas or thoughts that might be constructive

12) Enjoy yourself!

Why is internet safety neccesary

It could lose to lost of personal funds, private information even lead to an individual with a malicious intent personal access and an understanding of you're location at all times


210 Billion Emails are sent everyday

The number of IP addresses is 100 times more than that of the atoms in the universe

3.2 Billion People use the Internet

There's over 3 billion google searches every day

Over 30,000 websites are hacked every day

70% of all email is spam, 2 billion electrons are required to produce a single email

One-Third of Italians have never used the internet