How I Sold $2,000 in May

You can, too!

Below I have detailed what I did in May to have a successful month.

I did not spend a lot of time on my business last month. Yes, I am thinking about my business a little bit each day. Yes, I post on social media everyday. However, TRUST when I tell you the last 2 months have been rough on me and my personal life.

BUT, I am a #girlboss. I know what I want out of my life and I know my C+I business can help get me there. SO I NEVER GIVE UP. I find time in my jam packed schedule to do something each day to keep my business moving forward.

Check out what I did in May and adapt it to your business. See what it does for you.

May 1

I jump started my my by capitalizing on our eom promo from April - the Friends and Family Sale. As soon as I saw it would run through May 1, I scheduled an online pop up for April 29 - May 1. (I know from experience, online events always have procrastinators.)

For the last day of my pop up, I personally messaged everyone who was invited (36 people) and thanked them for checking out my event. (Most I did not know - my sister was the hostess.) I made sure they knew that our event and the discount was ending that day and they needed to get their orders in to save. That started my May off with $507 in sales.

A week after the event, I gave the $25 off raffle code to my sister to give out (because does not work during promotional times). She followed up with one of her friends and that resulted in another $100 sale.

I also made sure my host, my sister, placed her order using the credits she earned knowing she'd spend over. Her order was $100 over her credit - she loves free shipping.

You can check out my sister's online event here.

May 15 - Launch Night

I spent the whole week before sharing teasers with my network. I also created a newsletter for my 500+ contacts in my dashboard. (Remember to add everyone you know and meet to your contact list. They will not receive any promotional emails from C+I unless they buy something or you choose to send them something.)

That resulted in a future pop up booked, 2 sales totaling $250, and several emails wondering when my next event is.

As soon as I received my look books, I labeled them and then sent a few out to each of my VIPs along with a hand written, personal note. (Clients who have spent more than $500 with me. You can find that info in your contacts tab and searching total sales.) That did not result in any immediate results, but I feel it's a nice gesture and it keeps your boutique in their mind.

You can check out one of my newsletters here.

May 26

As soon as I found out we were having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free sale, I thought, "I have to capitalize on this." I hadn't had an Official Amalfi Coast launch because life has been crazy for me... (My dog almost dying, my mom was in the hospital, work trip, SOAR, moving, and stupid paperwork for my FT job) But I said to myself, "If you don't take this opportunity, you will miss out."

I decided to host my own One Hour Live Online Pop Up. I created an invite two days before and messaged it to 30 of my friends who have been supportive of my business. (Either through their purchases, hosting for me, or simply commenting and liking my posts.) I also included a personal note commenting on something in their personal life, thanking them for their support, and telling them about my summer launch event. I kept it casual and told them I'd love for them to attend and let me know what they thought of my new line.

I posted a few teasers the day before. Nothing C+I related - pictures of the Amalfi Coast, a clip from my favorite movie filmed in Italy, etc). I planned my posts out ahead of time. I knew I needed about 8-10 really good posts for an hour. (Nothing more because I didn't want to get put in Facebook jail.) I wanted each post to result in activity so I focused on asking questions and playing games. And since I knew these people were supportive of my business, I gave away a little more than I usually do.

The hour was very busy. I tried to respond to every comment and engage in conversation. I was exhausted when it was over, but it was worth it. It resulted in $600 in orders. I followed up by thanking everyone personally for attending and reminding those who hadn't ordered by the 31st that the promotion was ending. I added another $175 in follow up orders.

You can check out my event here.

Other Things I Did in May:

  • Consistently posted on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumbler. 1-3 times a day. I have a FB business page and my personal page. I am not a fan of FB business pages, but I do like that I can see analytics. Make sure to use hashtags - especially on Instagram. You can reach a wider audience. (This takes maybe 15 minutes.)
  • Hand wrote thank you notes to everyone who purchased. (20 minutes)
  • Booked my June vendor event. (5 minutes)
  • Dropped off summer look books at my dentist and doctor when I had appointments.
  • Updated my boutique with "one click swap" (1 minute)
  • Wore my jewelry EVERYDAY. This is the best was to advertise your business. :)

One Last Thing...

I use my "customer account" quite often. By "customer account," I am talking about a client profile set up under my alternative email address. I use this account when I self host an event (so I can earn credit as a customer) and when I need to place miscellaneous orders. I always self host one event a month. (I love that free credit!) This works for some merchandisers, and it has definitely worked for me. I want you to consider the following:

You purchase $200 with your merchandiser discount:

@ 50% off your total is $100

@ 30% off your total in $140

You purchase $200 under your client account + under a self hosted pop up:

You get $50 in commission and $50 in credit @ 25% commission

You get $60 in commission and $50 in credit @ 30% commission

Plus, you can take advantage of customer facing promotions!

So... during the Buy 2 Get One Free promo, say you wanted the Capri Convertible Necklace, the Limoncello Statement Necklace and the Positano Statement Necklace.

With your 50% off (launch discount), it would be $167

With your 30% off (regular discount), it would be $234

With your customer account under a self hosted pop up it would be


$236 minus $59 in commission (25%) + $50 in credit

or $116

$236 minus $70 in commission (30%) + $50 in credit

I'm not saying you should do this. I'm saying do the math and see which works best for you.

xo - Johnna

I have found success with Chloe + Isabel and I want that same success for you. I am proud to have hit $40,000 in sales in under 2 years while working a full time job. I want you to know that your goals are attainable. Reach out if you have a question or want to brainstorm ideas. I am here for you and I want to see you succeed. What ever your goal is, let's attack it together.