Tube Ville

don't fall in the water

Tube ville history

Since 2059 Tube ville is operational with 1 000 000 habitants. The population in Tube ville has every thing they can possibly dream of like new technology ( turbo bicycles, jetpacks, hover boards...).

The rules in Tube ville

  1. No killing
  2. No stealing
  3. Only use the Tubes to go to other platforms
  4. No crossing the limit on the beach ( because of sharks )

The food in our Utopia

In our Utopia the citizens order the food. In Tube ville, their are a lot of choices like sushi, salad, pasta and a lot of other kind of food from the 2000 but the citizen's favorite is sushi.

The houses in Tube ville

The houses in Tube ville are provided with 5 rooms: 1 living room where their is a table and kitchen so the family unit eats at 7h30 every day and 4 other rooms for the adults and the parents and 4 beds, 2 for adults and 2 others for the kids
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Every family unit has 1 pet that they chose when they have their first child. They chose between a dog, a cat, a bird and a bunny. Every day when the parents are at work and the childrens are at school the animals teleport to their training session where they eat, sleep and play.

The sport in Tube ville

Paintball is the most common sport in Tube ville. In Tube ville you have to be more then 12 years old to play paintball or it would be to dangerous for the kids.

The video games

Last year Tube ville released the new nerve gear. The nerve gear is a video game device that make you see like the hero in the game: Your are the hero when you move in Tube ville, you also move in the video game. But this new nerve gear makes you play in a multiplayer game so you could play with players in Tube ville. The most common game used with the nerve gear are war games.