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A Dos Command is a number of standard system commands were provided for common tasks such as listing files on a disk or moving files.

What is a WildCard?

When specifying file names (or paths) in CP/M, DOS, Microsoft Windows, and Unix-like operating systems, the asterisk pattern character ("*", also called "star") matches zero or more characters.

What are Attributes ?

File attributes are metadata associated with computer files that define file system behavior. Each attribute can have one of two states: set and cleared. Attributes are considered distinct from other metadata, such as dates and times, filename extensions or file system permissions. In addition to files, folders, volumes and other file system objects may have attributes.

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Preventative Maintenance for Your PC

Preventive maintenance is a routine maintenance actions aimed at the prevention of breakdowns and failures of computer. Two types of PC preventive maintenance are planned maintenance and condition based maintenance. Planned maintenance is maintenance that is performed on a regular basis in order to prevent a machine from deteriorating or breaking down. Condition based maintenance is maintenance when need arises. This is when one or more indicators show that equipment performance is deteriorating. Regular maintenance such as cleaning up, backing-up data, removing obsolete programs, Microsoft updates, security updates and defragmentation are precautions one must take while doing preventive maintenance.

The Preventive Measures you must carry out to guarantee the best performance of your PC are:

1) Back Up all documents , files and folders.

2) Use your anti-virus program to scan your PC for any threats or Malware

3) Then proceed to Update your Hardware and Software

4) Update your Firmware

5) Then Reboot your PC safely to ensure all updates and Back Ups have been completed Successfully

This is crucial to the health of your PC to ensure its best possible performance.

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