Michelle Sansone

Get To Know Me

Favorite Food/ Least Favorite Food

Favorite- Sushi (anything seafood)

Least Favorite- Onions

Outside of this class you will most likely find me/ in my future, my goal is to...

I am always playing softball. I am going to Berry College in Georgia to play softball. I plan to study sociology/psychology with a more specific study of family/child psychology. I hope to go to law school after undergrad to become a Child Advocate Attorney and become a voice for children in legal situations.

Favorite TV Show

Hawaii Five-O

This is my favorite TV show because I love crime shows (and plus the main character is Alex O'Loughlin). I get so into it and always try to guess who did what and whats going to happen next. I think its way better than any CSI or NCIS.

One person I idolize is..

My mom, she has gone through pretty much everything you can think of. She went through a tough divorce and still managed to do everything possible for my brother and I. She is the strongest person I know and has taught me to be an independent person.