Where I Stand

By: Samantha Chan

The Many Issues In Ontario

There are a whole lot of issues in Ontario that my family and I have come across which I'm sure many other families have too. There are so many that the government wouldn't be able to fix. But I chose three that I have come across that really affected me as a citizen in Markham overviewing the issues in Ontario.

Attractions in Ontario

I certainly believe that there needs to be much more attractions in Ontario. In my personal experiences, the attractions in Ontario aren't as interesting as many other places. My cousins from England visits once in a while and we always take them to Niagara Falls or Downtown Toronto to walk around and we always end up doing the same thing because of the limited amounts of tourist attractions available. Especially in the winter, there are almost no tourist attractions. An example would be the Maid of the Mist, it is mandatory to be closed during the winter and that is one of the most visited places in Ontario by tourists. A good idea would be to add more fun and different attractions that are suitable in both the harsh Canadian winter and in the summer. That way more and more tourists would be interested and the the Canadian economy would also be boosted up. In this case it benefits the Canadian Government, the citizens of Ontario, and the tourists.


Most people would start off in elementary school moving their way to high school and graduating leading them into a university or college. All of that is free until university and college. I've heard about so many stories where a person would have such great intelligence but wouldn't be able to pay for a university or college because it is so expensive and way out of their budget. That means that the intelligence of that one person is wasted when he or she could've been a doctor or scientist who finds a cure for cancer. Many European countries such as Norway and Germany provides free tuition for education and I believe we should also have that. As it helps those who cannot attend school because of the money issue.

Community Safety

There has been a recent case being investigated in a shooting in Ferguson. This in fact isn't the first time that this has happened. There has been many cases just like Brown's shooting. Obviously when you hear something like this it makes you feel uncomfortable and not safe in your town. I believe that cops should not have the right to fire their guns at any situation. They always have protection from their bulletproof vests which gives them an advantage. Unlike the suspects, they don't carry bulletproof vests with them so it is not fair for cops to be able to fire upon people. Whenever this type of situation occurs, people from all over the country is aware which leads them to be cautious and frightened to be in the town that it has happened in and possibly the cops. So how does this protect Ontarian's safety? My family and I certainly don't feel safe around cops.
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