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December 2, 2022

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School Highlights

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Conversation with Mike Berry

We really appreciated the parents, families and community members that joined the conversation with Mike Berry on November 16, 2022. It was a fruitful and helpful conversation as we continue to partner with our community. We will be resuming this work in January.

Parent Cellphone Survey

*Ding* *Beep* *Ring* *Buzz*.......ah the familiar sounds of our phone, most of us have one, and many of us have a conflicted relationship with it. As a nation, we are clearly seeing increasing numbers of young people trying to understand their relationship with their phones as well; all while their brains are still developing. It has been a challenge that became even more pronounced as we have navigated the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is no secret that schools around the country are talking about the impact of cellphones on students. In fact, a lot of schools are coming up with blanket rules for everyone, no questions asked. At Souhegan, that is not how we want to approach this discussion. We believe it is important to work in partnership with parents, students and faculty on all issues that impact our school community . We have had some very positive (and challenging) conversations with students, and most recently gave them a survey to gather more data on how, how much, when and why they are using technology. We provided framing that explored their thoughts deeper. We wanted to enter the conversation with curiosity and asked questions about how cellphones can be both helpful and distracting, asked if they knew what cellphone etiquette is, and debriefed on how they feel about their phone and what they do on it during the school day. As you can imagine, the discussions were robust and we received responses from close to 70% of our students.

We have also developed a survey for parents. Some questions refer to your student(s) and others are about broader student use of cellphones. We hope to use this information to further inform our data collection and help us work together to create a positive educational experience.

Thank you for taking the time to respond to this survey and helping to continue the conversation.

NHPRs senior reporterTodd Bookman visits Souhegan

Tuesday, November 29th, 2022

Students in Souhegan’s Global Citizenship Senior Seminar met with NHPR’s Senior Reporter, Todd Bookman as part of their recent Pollution Inquiry Project. Bookman joined the class to explore how to develop audio stories that capture the variety of voices and stakeholders involved in complex pollution issues.

Students in Gavin Sturges’ and Jenny Deenik’s course are investigating the question: “How is pollution impacting the environment and human communities?” by identifying a specific pollutant and researching its causes, impacts and possible solutions. They will then develop a podcast on the story of the pollutant.

Pollution is a complex topic that impacts individuals, communities and the environment. The project, and Bookman’s talk, helped students think about whose voices need to be heard in pollution issues. Bookman gave students a way to create a narrative arc, and to see how those diverse voices fit into it.

English teacher Gavin Sturges invited Bookman to speak to the class about his experience and expertise as a senior reporter. “I knew he would be a great resource for this inquiry project. He’s an engaging, enthusiastic guy who students would be able to relate to and learn from.”

“Todd helped them understand pollution on a human level. It’s not just a science issue. It’s not just a policy issue. It’s how you get the voices of everyday people who are most impacted by the issue represented in the story,” Deenik added.

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Get To Know SHS

Meet the wonderful and talented staff members of SHS!

John Dowd

What is your role at Souhegan?


Outing Club Advisor

How long have you been with Souhegan?

Always, since 1992.

What do you love about your job?

I get to meet every student during their first year and introduce them to a new, adventurous school.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Talk and walk with my wife.

Paddle and climb with friends.

Swim every morning.

If you were given one wish what would it be?

To live a long, healthy, active life outside.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

I am not a "Human Being",

I am a "Human Doing".

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Student Services

Career Exposition

This week the counselors kicked off a school-wide Career Exploration Program during Saber Spotlight. Between Nov. 28 and Dec. 9, students will be engaged in Career Exploration lessons and activities. The purpose of this plan is to raise awareness and exposure of various post-secondary options, both educational and vocational, a variety of careers, programs, and services available after high school. School counselors designed lesson plans that are being delivered in the 9th and 10th grade humanities classes.

Counselors met with junior advisories this week to preview the Career Expo. In these meetings juniors identified attendees they would benefit from speaking with the day of the event. Additionally, “How To Workshops” are being held for junior advisories from December 2nd to December 8th on the following topics: mock interviews, resume building, cover letters, and utilizing college visits. Seniors are being invited to attend the Career Expo based on their post-graduation plan.

The two week long series of events culminate on Friday December 9th, 2022 with the annual Career and College Expo. This will be a fair/expo style event in the gym, so students can speak freely with representatives and gather information about each organization. We currently have more than 35 confirmed attendees. To review the list of attendees, please see here.
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Telehealth Counseling

As resources for adolescent mental health services have become more challenging to obtain in our state, telehealth services have increased. While we are pleased that telehealth services offer our students needed mental health support, this presents some challenges to our students during the school day. We ask that students and their parents engaged in this type of treatment, review these guidelines.

BAE Systems is excited to announce their Women in Technology Program is back in person!

WiT gives female and female-identifying high school students with an aptitude in math and science a practical, hands-on opportunity to explore careers in various technical disciplines. It also provides mentorship to the students to encourage and support them in their pursuit of a technical career. After completing the program, seniors who have been accepted to college with a declared major in engineering are encouraged to apply for a summer internship opportunity at BAE Systems.

The program takes place at BAE Systems locations in Southern NH, beginning on January 17 through May 9. Students will participate on Tuesday afternoons from 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. Please note that this timing is different than in the past, to allow students to attend after school. Students in grades 11 & 12 from schools within a reasonable driving distance from Southern New Hampshire are welcome to apply for the program through December 6, 2022. Our application is hosted on Tallo: (note: students will need to create a Tallo profile to apply, this is easy and free and compliant with NH student privacy standards).

You can learn more about Women in Technology on the website:

Questions may be directed to our program team via or to Laurel Skiff, Pre and Early Career program manager.

HVAC courses at Manchester Community College are free! High school students interested in exploring HVAC as a career choice, can register for this 8 week program which offers 3 college credits. Classes run on Saturdays beginning Jan. 21st or March 25th. Tools and textbooks are provided. For more information and videos go here. Contact the Program Chair, Ed Curran at to register.

Community Service Opportunities

MVVS Winter Wonderland
When: Saturday, December 3 ~ 6pm to 8pm
Where: Mont Vernon Village School
What: Collecting entrance fees, Gingerbread Decorating Assistance, Selling Raffle Tickets
Sign up:

Mont Vernon Tree Lighting

When – December 10 – Various Times

What – Assistance Running Kids’ Events and Cleaning-up/Breaking down

Sign Up at -
Christmas Market on the Amherst Village

When: Saturday, December 10th – various opportunities between 10:00am-7:00pm
Where: Amherst Village

Event Help: Set up/work at the event/clean up after. Possibly some set up Dec. 9 & some clean up Dec. 11, but emphasis on the actual event date: Dec. 10!
(Tasks entail helping set up tents, arranging tables/chairs, help with Christmas decorations, hanging Christmas lights, assisting others as needed, acting as a cashier, shovel snow, and much more!)
-Dress as Santa's elves and assist Santa with photos, handing out candy canes, etc.
-Dress/act as the character Krampus
Singers: Sing Christmas carols (can dress in costume if they'd like)
Musicians: to perform Christmas songs and/or folk/European music

Senior Year Notes

Senior Project News

At this point in the Senior Project process seniors should be determining what they will be doing for their applied piece. Their next panel meeting will take place after school on Tuesday, January 10, at which point they will present their Applied Piece Proposal Letter. Between now and this deadline seniors should continue their research and continue to meet with their mentors on a regular, weekly basis.

Community Council

This week the Community Council discussed a proposal that would create a Vice Student Activities Coordinator position. Here is a link to the proposal.

Our next meeting will be Monday, December 5th in room 126/127 from 5:00-7:00 pm Here is a link to the full meeting calendar for the year.

National Honor Society

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Spanish National Honor Society

Pulsera Project

Get a jumpstart on your holiday shopping! Starting on Tuesday, December 13th the Spanish National Honor Society students will be selling hand woven bracelets and handbags made from artisans from Nicaragua and Guatemala. The pulseras (bracelets) and bags are brightly colored with intricate patterns. They make great Christmas and holiday gifts. The pulseras are $7.00 and the handbags are $15.00. The sale will take place outside of the cafeteria during lunch and advisory until December 21st. 100% of the proceeds are reinvested in the communities of Nicaragua and Guatemala. You can find more information about the Pulsera project at this link. Thank you for your support!

Performing Arts

Check out the latest edition of the Souhegan Performing Arts Newsletter!


Yearbooks are on sale now! Please follow this link directly to the Souhegan page! Here you will see the yearbook and parent ad offers that you can click to make your purchases!

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Ethics Forum

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Saber Spotlight

Click here to view information from the latest Saber Spotlight that was held on Monday, November 28!


Weekly Schedule can be found here!