Book Signing

With two of the most respected teen authors in the world!

Book Signing

This is a book signing of two of the most respected teen authors. If you had read any of our books and liked them then come down and see us! Bring a copy of our books; "Devotion to Nation Leads to WW1" and "Candy Explorers". If you have not yet read them they are great children books!

Book Signing

Friday, Dec. 28th 2012 at 5-7pm

Public Library- Flower Mound Tx.

We will be here for only a few hours so hurry in! WE would love to meet our fans and more than happy to take pictures!


2:30pm- Katy Brockman will read out loud.

3:00pm- Micah Whitmire will read out loud.

5:00pm- book signing will start.

7:00pm- book signing ends.

This is not a real event!

Student project!