MTSS in TSD - Weekly Wednesday News

2022-2023 Series - Volume 22 (February 1, 2023)

This is our twenty-second edition this year!

We use this newsletter to make connections regarding the implementation of the Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) framework in the Thompson School District (TSD).

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TEE: Conditions for Learning

Last week, we referenced Evaluations of Learning from our Thompson Educational Expectations (TEE). This time, we ask you to consider Conditions for Learning.

  • How are we creating readiness for each stakeholder to engage, partner, and develop (individually and collectively)?
  • How are we ensuring that we have "an hospitable environment" (or ENABLING context) to implement system-wide and individual student supports?
  • How are we "setting up" our system (i.e., classroom, school, district) to PREVENT challenge from occurring? How are we removing/reducing barriers and promoting "facilitators" for success?

Here is an organizational flowchart (from APBS/Kent McIntosh) that has been adapted and used over time in PBIS and MTSS content. It shows how infrastructure "flows" for effective implementation, with inputs and outputs from the Leadership Teaming section. Think about your Implementation Teams!

Notice the connections and bi-directional arrows that display how the different system elements are related. Of special note: Because this is a "PBIS-centric" image, the bottom right green box says "behavioral expertise", but if you are thinking more holistically with this graphic, you could change that box to "content-area expertise" (to represent all) or add "academic expertise" in the same area.

Flow chart, top row has boxes for Stakeholder Support, Funding, Policy & Systems Alignment, and Workforce Capacity, the next section connects above and below it, that circle reads: Executive Functions and Implementation Functions with Leadership Teaming large in the middle, and the row below has boxes that read: Training, Coaching, Evaluation & Performance Feedback, and Behavioral Expertise, and the lowest square on the flow map says Local Implementation Demonstrations
Click to Read: Five Pillars to Coaching as a Leader

This brief article (March 2022) describes the five pillars that a leader needs to effectively coach; these come from "Constructive Learning Design." These pillars prioritize skills and strategies, and resource links are included.

Marzano Resources Slide reads" What Type of Supports? When the type of support a beginning teacher isn't obvious, utilize the following questions: What is your most pressing concern at this time? What do you wish you knew right now? What do you wish you had to support you? What is making your job difficult right now? Complete this sentence: If I had ___, my life would be much easier right now. If you had three extra hours in the day, how would you use your time?
Click to Read: A Protocol for Teacher-Focused PD

This article describes the benefits of CFG and when/how to use it. It begins: "Professional development based on the Critical Friends Group {CFG} protocol can guide teachers to concentrate on real classroom problems." (Edutopia, 2/1/23)

Title of infographic is: Reading Aloud to Kids. It includes cartoon images of young children are included with each area: Builds Empathy, Creates a lifelong love of reading, improves language and listening skills, facilitates important and/or difficult conversations, activates and empowers imagination, is fun! Citation:
Click to Access: Florida Center for Reading Research

"The FCRR Resource Database pulls together over 650 materials from across the center’s numerous research, innovation, and engagement activities. Users can search available materials by resource type, project, and stakeholder audience."

Driving Change vs Growing Change poster includes comparison of two lookalike people and trees with driving on left and growing on right in several storyboard panels. First, both characters are just with thinking clouds. The next panel has one pulling a tree that says driving and one planting seed that says growing. The next panel has the character dragging the tree for driving and the other character watching the tree grow for growing. It then has a panel with the Driving character sitting on the ground, leaning on the tree, and the Growing character standing next its tree with arms up in celebration. Last panel says "stop trying to drive change, and start growing it"

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