Waiting for Godot

Character Analysis


Estragon is a character who is very dependent on others and is also not the smartest. Even though Estragon may not be the brightest, there are times where he sees things in a way that other don't Estragon is also good friends with Vladimir, who he sometimes calls Didi.


Estragon is introduced in the play with him struggling to take off his boot. While attempting to take off his boot, Estragon begins asking Vladimir for help.

Hand in hand from the top of the Eiffel Tower, among the first. We were respectable in those days. Now it's too late. They wouldn't even let us up. (Estragon tears at his boot.) What are you doing?

ESTRAGON:Taking off my boot. Did that never happen to you?

VLADIMIR:Boots must be taken off every day, I'm tired telling you that. Why don't you listen to me?

ESTRAGON:(feebly). Help me!

VLADIMIR:It hurts?

ESTRAGON:(angrily). Hurts! He wants to know if it hurts!

Vladimir reminds Estragon that he should take off his boots every day and this shows that Estragon is dependent on others for small parts of his life. Estragon is also hurting and struggling to take off his boot because they don't fit him. This shows that Estragon is from a lower economic class and because of this he isn't very educated.


Estragon is shown to be uncertain about many things, including what day it is.

VLADIMIR:He said Saturday. (Pause.) I think.

ESTRAGON:You think.

VLADIMIR:I must have made a note of it. (He fumbles in his pockets, bursting with miscellaneous rubbish.)

ESTRAGON:(very insidious). But what Saturday? And is it Saturday? Is it not rather Sunday? (Pause.) Or Monday? (Pause.) Or Friday?

Estragon lacks basic knowledge about what day it is and can't remember what he did the day before. This lack of knowledge shows that Estragon isn't very educated and that he is clueless about many things.

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Estragon is shown to have very little knowledge about religion.

VLADIMIR:Did you ever read the Bible?

ESTRAGON:The Bible . . . (He reflects.) I must have taken a look at it.

VLADIMIR:Do you remember the Gospels?

ESTRAGON:I remember the maps of the Holy Land. Coloured they were. Very pretty. The Dead Sea was pale blue. The very look of it made me thirsty. That's where we'll go, I used to say, that's where we'll go for our honeymoon. We'll swim. We'll be happy.

These lines shows that Estragon is not a religious person. He doesn't go to church because he said that he must have taken a look at it and all he can remember are the maps. This is further proved by the following lines.

VLADIMIR:Ah yes, the two thieves. Do you remember the story?


VLADIMIR:Shall I tell it to you?


VLADIMIR:It'll pass the time. (Pause.) Two thieves, crucified at the same time as our Saviour. One—

ESTRAGON:Our what?

These lines show that Estragon doesn't know the story of the crucifying of Jesus and that he doesn't believe that Jesus is his Savior. By question what Vladimir means by "our Savior" this shows that he doesn't believe in God.

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