May 7, 1915


On May 1, 1915 the Lusitania Ship left port in New York for Liverpool to make its 202nd trip across the Atlantic Ocean. On the ship there were 1,959, 159 of those people were American. On May 7, 1915 Captain William Thomas Turner slowed the boat down because of the fog.

About 14 miles off the coast of the Southern Ireland at Old Head on Kinsale neither the captain nor any of the crewmembers realized that the German U-Boat had already targeted them. At 1:40p.m. The German Boat launched a torpedo. The torpedo hit the right side of the boat. Almost right after that, another explosion rocked the ship.

The Allies thought the Germans had launched two or three torpedoes to sink the Lusitania. The Germans say their boat only fired one torpedo. Many people believe the second explosion was caused by the ignition of ammo hidden in he cargo hold. But no matter what the cause of the second explosion was that was the explosion that caused the ship to sink, the ship sunk within 20 minutes. Out of the 1,959 passengers on board the ship 1,198 dies. 128 of the people that die were American.