Noun and Verb Showdown

By: Amani Moore

What is a Noun Phrase?

A noun phrase is a person, place, thing or idea in a group of words put together.

What is a Verb Phrase?

A verb is the action word in a phrase or what the person did. There are also two types of verbs- the Linking verbs and the Action verbs. Here are some examples of linking and action verbs...

EX. of an action verb...

Britney is painting a picture of flowers.

The action verb is painting.

EX. of a linking verb...

Cortney was swimming in the pool.

The linking verb is "was" and the

verb is swimming.

Articles in the English Language

The 3 articles in the English Language are "a", "an" and "the". You use "the" when you are talking about a specific example of something. EX: Thanks for the cupcake you gave me yesterday. You use a/an the first time you say that noun. EX: Can I borrow a pencil please? An example with "an" is... Do you have an apple?

why is i a pronoun

I is a pronoun because it takes the place of a noun. For example- I was checking the mail. You would say "I" instead saying your name. A pronoun is any word that can take the place of a noun. EX: Becky said she wanted a pony but she never got one. The pronouns was "she".

What is the difference between a linking verb and an action verb?

A linking verb connects the noun with the action; but an action verb is the only the what the noun is doing. Linking verb example- Chloe was vacuuming the house. The linking verb is "was". An Action verb example is- Lindsay is swimming in a competition. The action verb is "swimming".