Can you Help?

Careers and Aspirations

Why think about careers so young?

It is proven that encouraging children from an early age to consider the jobs or interests they may persue helps to raise aspirations. It helps them to set personal targets and goals which helps them to develop both personally and academically. It is not about selecting a profession but to broaden their knowledge of the opportunities open to them.

We believe that all children should strive towards their dream. It might be that your child wishes to be a professional footballer and realises that resilience and determination are key skills that they will need to work on. These fit our learning behaviours and will support your child developing throughout the curriculum and personally. We plan to get all of the children to examine their own skills and it may be that from this your child reshapes their dreams deciding that they not be fully suited to being a footballer but want to use that passion to be a sports journalist.

Ultimately we want all of our pupils to strive to be the very best that they can be.

Can you Help?

  • Could you spare an hour or two next academic year to tell the children about your job?
  • Can you explain the skills you need for your job?
  • Can you share the route you took into your career?
  • Do you know someone who could come in to speak to the children about their role?

We have ideas of how you can give the children an insight into your role and will support you throughout this. If you are nervous please don't be as we will guide you through each step. Join us for a coffee and help the children to realise the huge range of opportunities available.

Ask family members, friends, neighbours whether they could maybe help.

We would love to hear from you and would love a wide range of job roles. Please pop us an email at for the attention of Miss Bish, speak to a member of staff or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.