About Smore

What are the features of Smore?

What is Smore

Smore is a online techtool that you can use to make flyers and posters to promote your events.Smore is by far the easiest way ever to quickly create and share a poster or flyer online. Using Smore you can choose the design of your flyer, choose the font(s), background, color(s), link to content such as your event sign-up page, and even include images and media.Plus, once your flyers are finished, with the click of your mouse, you can email you flyer or share it on social media sites.

A word from a teacher

"Smore.com is a flyer-generator with which teachers and students can create beautifully designed pages to share electronically. Not only is it a tool that will facilitate the construction of flyers but the templates will provide examples of good design principles that students can mimic in their own design work. The interface is intuitive as users are asked to choose a category, add a title and then the rest is up to them. When complete, the document can be printed (and thus saved to pdf), sent by email or shared via social networking. There are privacy settings, analytics and advanced tools to integrate the document with your domain."


*Create online presentations

*After Finishing can be sent via email to friends

*Can be downloaded in form of PDF And printed

*Useful for kids to make Online projects

*Teachers to teach with fun

*Fun to learn with videos

Creating an Account

  1. Go to www.smore.com
  2. Click on "Try it now"
  3. Sign Up with Details.
  4. That's it! You're in!

Creating a Flyer

Once you've signed up for an account, you'll be automatically logged in and you can start creating! Look for the big, orange button that says "Start a new flyer."

Choose a template or you can start with a blank page. You will be taken right into your new Smore flyer and asked to begin inserting information, like a title.

Navigating Smore

Adding Content To your Flyer

Save, Publish and Share your flyer

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