Eno River High School Counselor

Quarter #2 2018-19 Elizabeth Tricomi

Career Day 2018

We had our annual Career Day on November 20th! We had 17 different careers represented. Students were able to sign up to hear from representatives of 3 careers they were interested in. We appreciate all of our guests who volunteered their time on this day to teach our students!
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Reality Check Classroom lessons

We went into the Civics & Economics classes this semester and had student complete a Reality Check. The purpose was to see how much money they need to make in order to have the lifestyle they want to have after high school and college. It also provides jobs that have those incomes as well as difference in pay across the state of North Carolina. Additionally there is information on the number of jobs in different careers that are available and if that number is increasing, decreasing, or staying the same.

Students used their College Foundation of North Carolina to research this information.


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Advisory Lessons during 2nd Quarter


Healthy Relationships: Digital Abuse

Exam Preparation


Building Resiliency

Exam Preparation


Piedmont Electric Opportunities

Exam Preparation


Piedmont Electric Opportunities

Exam Preparation

Copies of the lessons are available on my website.


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Piedmont Electric Presents Opportunities to Juniors & Seniors

During our 1st advisory of the quarter, Abigail Jacobsen, a representative from Piedmont Electric, presented information about the following opportunities:

1. College Scholarships

  • Each year we give $2,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors. Last year, we awarded seven scholarships and we’re expecting to do the same again in 2019.
  • We also have an opportunity for a student to help us recruit donors for our blood drives with the American Red Cross. If we have 25 donors, then that student is qualified for a scholarship through the American Red Cross!

2. Piedmont Electric Summer Internship Program

  • During the summer, we have a paid six week lineman internship for rising high school juniors and seniors. They will work with our crews out in the field and spend time in the home office with engineering, member services, accounting, IT, safety among other departments. We also have a video to share that features some of our past lineman interns.
  • This past year, we also had a Member Services and Public Relations intern. While we don’t know if we’ll have internships in addition to the lineman one, it would be great to get students thinking about the possibility.

3. Annual Youth Tour in Washington D.C.

  • The annual Youth Tour is an awesome opportunity for rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors! If selected, they spend a full week in Washington D.C. with other high schoolers from both North Carolina and across the country. They tour our nation’s monuments and museums, enjoy a wide variety of experiences like a river boat tour, baseball game and/or musical, and make lifelong friendships. We also have a video to show featuring past youth tourists as well. Last year was our first time of sending two students on this trip and we’re hoping to be able to send two again in 2019!

Freshman Individual Meetings

Meeting were held with each freshman to discuss the following:

* Transition to high school and/or transition to new school

* What factors they like or dislike about school

* Clubs or extracurricular activities they are involved in both at school and outside school

* Favorite class and why?

* Connections with any teachers or staff

* Career Goals

* College Interests

College Representative visits

October 30th-- US Army

November 1st-- Elon University

November 15th-- UNC Greensboro

November 28th- US Marines

10th grade Individual Meetings

Began meeting with 10th grade students to discuss:

* Current year goals and progress

* Additional thoughts and plans about post graduation including colleges

* New career thoughts and/or ideas

* Discussion of Dual enrollment opportunities in Junior & Senior years--GPA and test requirements

* Building their resume activities and experiences

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