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Avneet Lidder

Academic Goal

S- By the end of high school, for all 4 years, I want to have an average of 70-85% in my Math and Science class.

M- To keep track of this, I will ask my teachers to give me feed back on my assignments, tests, and quizzes. I will ask for my mark in the course to know where I am sitting at. I will go for extra help in needed. I will also manage my time at home to complete my homework and get started on my assignments early to get feedback before it's due.

A- To attain this goal, I will hand in all my assignments on time, and not be late to any of my math and science classes, because I usually am late to some of my classes. I will try to be early to all my classes, and hand in my assignments on time, and try to get a good mark on my assignments, tests, and quizzes. I will try to get help before handing in my assignments and edit them throughly. I will study ahead of time instead of the night before and get clarification on anything that I need help on.

R- In the future, I want to be a veterinarian, and to be a veterinarian you need to take Math and Science and need to be good in it. In this job, you need to go to university, and obtain a master of Public Administration- Health Care Management. I know this is something I can achieve, because I am very determined to reach for my goals. I want to make my family proud and also help animals in need.

T- I plan on receiving this mark by the end of grade 12, for all of the years because I want to pursue my dream of being a veterinarian. My smaller goal is probably to get good feed back and have G's and E's on my learning skill part on my report card.

Volunteering Goal

S- I want to volunteer at a Vet clinic, and get at least 200 hours done before the end of grade 12.

M- This will take about 3 years to complete in total as school would be my main priority. I will mostly volunteer throughout the summer and my breaks. In essence, the actual volunteering will take 200 hours, but in a three year span.

A- To attain this goal, I will first start off by filling in my volunteer form for the clinic. I will give it to many clinics as I can that are near by and that I can travel to. I will probably have to do orientation before actually volunteering, and learn the rules of the clinic.

R- This goal is realistic because I am very passionate about animals. I will spend most of my free time at the clinic because I love to be around animals. There are around 70 days of summer and I can complete at least half of this is needed. This goal is relevant because I want to pursue in this career in the future. I will learn many things related to this career path and this will give me a sense of the atmosphere I will be working in. I will also come to conclusion if this is something I actually want to do later on in the future.

T- I plan on completing this goal before the end of grade 12, giving me about roughly 3 years. I will set small goals such as completing a specific amount of hours a summer and setting goals to fill in my application before the deadline.

Transitions And Changes Video

Avneet Lidder

Address Telephone Email

8 Portlane Court 905-915-1520

Brampton, Ontario

l6P 4E9


Seeking to secure a part time position in a challenging environment, where I can utilize my analytical skills, communication abilities and find a job that best suits my interests and skills.


Louise Arbour Secondary School High School Diploma

Brampton, Ontario September 2015 - June 2019

Skills and Abilities

  • -Strong interpersonal skills, Creative problem solver -Ability to work with minimal supervision in a fast paced environment -Interact well with people of all ages -Able to anticipate needs and resolve problems -Able to speak Punjabi as a second language fluently and basics of French -Quick learner, punctual and can meet deadlines

Work Experience

Animal Clinic Brampton, Ontario

Helper June 2016 - Present

- Clean up after animals

- Give them a bath

Volunteer Experience

Trucking Brampton, Ontario

Star Logistics January 2016 - February 2016

- helping Find Load

- Fax Paper



August 2014 - March 2016

Hobbies and Interests

  • I enjoy hanging out with my friends, play soccer, play basketball, and spend time with my family.


Jane, Animal clinic , 905-799 -0901

Katie, FedEx, 1 (800) 463-3339

Challenges and Solutions

Every job comes with difficult tasks, but veterinarians task are probably more emotional and hard to do. The first challenging job for veterinarians is euthanasia. Euthanasia is the hardest job to do in the business, because you are putting down the animals (killing them). This job is very difficult for the workers because the workers have created this unforgettable relationship with the animals. Doing this part of the job veterinarians tend to get emotional while putting the animals down. Even though you’re putting an animal down, you’re doing a favour by putting the animal out of its misery.

The second challenging job that veterinarians have is facing animal abuse or animal cruelty. Sometimes veterinarians witness animal abuse/cruelty when they have to treat an animal. There is no reason that an animal should face abuse. Animals do not even understand what is happening and why the owner is hurting the animal. Animals should be treated with care and love and when a veterinarian comes across an abused animal, it breaks their heart. It is a very emotional thing to witness or come across. This can cause a lot of distress as the veterinarian has to report the abuse. It can be hard to prove that the abuse occurs.

The third challenging job that veterinarians have to deal with are possible injuries. While you examine the animal with tools you tend to use, the animal may scratch or bite. All animals are different, anything can trigger their reaction. If an animal is scared, you can calm them down by speaking to them in a calm manner, but their actions are still uncertain. Animals can cause serious injuries to the veterinarian in which it can cause them to stop working for a while. Veterinarians need to use the proper steps to ensure not only the safety of the animal, but also themselves.

The third challenging job that veterinarians have to deal with are difficult pet owners. At every clinic there are going to be some types of pet owners that come in, for example, some pet owners can be worried, nervous, scared, and calm. Worried, calm, nervous, and scared, pet owners can sometimes be hard to handle and can be on your nerves but all of these owners have a way of showing their love for their animals. Sometimes pet owners do not listen and it can be hard to deal with. It can also be hard to calm down pet owners as you need them to trust you. It can be difficult to gain trust.

The last challenging job for veterinarians is having a lot to remember. This can vary to memorizing client's information. For example, when you’re in the OR (operation room) and when you need the tool, you need to know the tool's name and to say the tool’s name in order for the assistant to give it to you. Even if you’re not performing the surgery and you’re helping by suctioning every few times you need to know what that is. Another thing that you may need to memorize is the names of pets and the medicine. When you prescribe medicine you need to know you are prescribing the best medication depending on the dog and information. There are a lot of things to remember on the job and sometimes it can be very overwhelming on the veterinarian.