The Trojan War

Nicholas DeNinno, 2-14-13, 5th,

roots of the war

-Eris the goddess of discord, uninvited goes to Peleus and thetis' marriage.

-there was a golden apple and Eris said it belonged to whomever was tha fairest so Hera, Athena and Aphrodite reached for the apple.

-Zeus proclaimed that Paris prince of troy would be the judge.

-Hera promised power, Athena promised wealth, and Aphrodite promised the most beautiful women in the world. he chose Aphrodite

-she promised him Helen, wife of Menelaus. Menelaus treated paris like a royal guest but when he left to go to a funeral, Paris took Helen who went wilingly. When the king got back he was mad and wanted revenge.

Greek Armament

-Menelaus then called upon all of Helen's old suitors, as all of the suitors had promised long ago that they would all back Helen's husband to defend her honor.

-most of them did not want to go to war. Odysseus pretended to be insane but his trick failed.

-Cinyras did not want to go to war but he kept his promise to send 50 ships, the first ship was commanded by his son but the other 49 were toy clay ships and had small clay sailers on them

-the greek fleet assembled under Agamemnon's inspection, in Aulis. But he did kill one of diana's sacred stags so she was outraged and stoped the fleet

-the seer calchas stated that Iphigenia, daughter of agamemnon must be sacraficed before the fleet could set sail, so she was.

Finding Troy

-Finding Troy proved difficulty. The Greek fleet landed in Mysia first.

-The Greeks thought that Helen had been taken by the Teuthranians.

-The Greeks ultimately prevailed, but suffered heavy casualties at the hands of Telephus and, at the end, were still without Helen.

-The Greeks had no where else to go so they returned home.

-The Trojan War might not have happened if Telephus had not gone to Greece in the hopes of having his wound cured.

the trojan horse

-Odysseus ordered a large wooden horse to be built. Its insides were to be hollow so that soldiers could hide in it.

-many greek warriors including Odysseus went it the horse and the rest of the Greek fleet sailed away

-one man named Sinon was left behind, the Trojans came so he pretended to be angry with the Greeks and said that the horse was safe and would bring good luck to them

-The Trojans celabrated thinking they won and took the horse to troy.

-after they were all asleep the Greeks came out of the horse and slautered the trojans

After the War

-after the war Polyxena and the son of hector were sacraficed