10 Tourist Attractions in Cape Town

Amazing Attractions of Cape Town

10 Things to Do in Cape Town

Synonymous with incredibly beauty, fun and heart warming hospitality, Cape Town commands the glory of being creative and lifestyle capital of Africa. The city is tastefully adorned with irresistible tourist attractions and flanked by silver sandy beaches. Leisurely nestled in the lap of Table Mountains the place bestowed with incredibly scenic beauty, catches the fancy of visitors who board flights to Cape Town to feast their eyes on its captivating beauty.

This oldest city of South Africa, also referred as Mother City, has built a huge following among the visitors with spectacular places of tourists’ interest and activities you will enjoy to the hilt. Here we are enlisting 10 things to do in Cape Town to make your sojourn an experience par excellence.

1. Charismatic Cape Town:
While on your tour to the city, never miss an opportunity to catch a panoramic view of Cape Town from the vantage points of the Table Mountains. The whole city unveils before you like a painting where all the colours are chosen carefully.

2. Be a history Buff at Robben Island:
Robben Island provides good insight in the apartheid period in South Africa. The island tells a tale of victory of hope and courage against centuries of ruthless oppression. The island is well identified with renowned South African leader Nelson Mandela who was imprisoned here.

3. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden:
Any visitor visiting Cape Town should never miss an opportunity to visit his garden which is waiting to surprise him with 22,000 species of plants. One can also enjoy strolling and Golf Cart Tours.

4. Boulders Beach – Where Penguins Give You Company:
You might be beach bum with numerous enthralling memories of a beach visit, but your Boulders Beach experience, for sure, is going to an experience you will treasure for life. Here penguins show you how to swim efficiently.

5. Cape Winelands Calling:
Large collection of wine awaits your arrival at Cape Winelands. Here feast on an exotic collection of Cape Wines, Cheeses, Chocolates and Olive.

6. Have a Local Touch:
There can’t be a better experience of Cape Town than knowing the local culture from close quarters with local people. Visiting various communities while on your tour to Cape Town enriches your experience. Visit the busy streets and gorge on the local delicacies.

7. Visit Bo-Kaap and De Watercant:
Your visit to the Bo-Kaap (“Upper Cape”) will be an enriching experience as it is home to the city’s Muslim community and houses first mosque of the country. It is also a foodie’s delight as it offers opportunity to enjoy some authentic Cape Malay Meal.

8. Drive along the Coast to Cape Point:
Take a ride to the Cape Point, the whole journey is spectacular and full of places of scenic beauty. On arrival you will see the many species of birds, mammals and reptiles are waiting for your arrival.

9. Catch a Glimpse of Grand Parade:
This former military parade ground is one of the oldest squares in the city and a silent spectator to many a historic events including Nelson Mandela’s first public appearance after release from prison.

10. Gung-ho about Greenmarket Square:
The market which came into existence as a trading hub in 17th century is a tourists’ favourite. Visit this market for glassware, hand-painted fabrics, music, footwear, and other things. It is also home to some of the most admired dining options.

You might have visited this town a good number of times before but it appears afresh every time you land here. So, book cheap flight tickets to Cape Town from London and experience the hidden treasures of this stunning city.

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