Civil Rights Figures

By Jack Wells and Fritzy Swearingen


#1- Martin Luther King, Jr: Martin Luther King, Jr. believed in equality for blacks and whites, and spread his message with non-violence. At a young age, he became a minister. At three different schools, he studied teachings of the non-violent protests by Gandhi. He was a great public speaker, and was appointed leader of the civil rights movement. In 1964 he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

#2- Malcolm X: Malcolm X was a Black Muslim, who would use violence to try to overturn the system. He fought for black power, and, at first, did not agree with King's nonviolent ways. After a trip to Saudi Arabia, he came back and started to support King.

#3- Stokely Carmichael: leader of the SNCC, where he ended it's old view of using nonviolence. He started black power, and did not believe in integration, but instead in full power for blacks.