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Roamn Hummel

February 24, 2014

Three of Roamn's students share their experience with the "Composer Pro" app for creating books.

WD Tech Time Roamn Hummel

Molly Baumhover

February 17, 2014

Molly shares an interactive white board activity she created about the Olympics. The Olympic site Molly is sharing is http://youtu.be/VDH243HPwCI .

WD Tech Time Molly Baumhover

Charles Oldenkamp

February 3, 2014
WD Tech Time Charles Oldenkamp

Tony Ball

December 16, 2013

Tony Ball Tech Time

Lindsay Topping

December 9, 2013

Lindsay Topping Tech Time

Cody McClain

December 2, 2013

WD Tech Time McClain

American Studies Department

November 18, 2013

Tech Time: American Studies