The Northeast Region, A Guide

By: Abby, Connor, Natalie, and Max

Culture: Food

The Northeast Region eats a lot of seafood including lobster.

Massachusetts is known for their cranberries.

Maine is known for its blueberries.

Culture: Fun

We have fun by enjoying winter sports including skiing, sliding, snowboarding, hockey, and skating, tubing. We also enjoy playing summer sports like swimming, hiking, soccer, baseball, football, boating, and skateboarding. There are a lot of sports you can play in the summer and winter.

Culture: People

Many people have immigrated to the North East. Since 1892-1954 over 12 million people pasted Ellis island. The North East coast of the US was one of the first places to be settled

by Europeans.Many people called it "the melting pot of America".

Landmarks: The Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty welcomes many immagrants to America. It is located in New York. The Statue of Liberty represents our countries freedom

Landmarks: The Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is located in Philadelphia. Lots of people visit the Liberty Bell each year. The Liberty Bell is a famous landmark it also has its own museum.

Landmarks: Hershey Park

Hershey park is located in Hershey,Pennsylvania. People say" it is the sweetest place on earth." In fact the whole town smells like chocolate.

Products and Natural Resources

One product in the Northeast Region is maple syrup. Maple Syrup is produced in Vermont.

One natural resource is marble, marble is used to make buildings.

Another Natural Recource is Waterways. Waterways allow us to go to the beach.


The Northeast region is a constantly changing with its climate. That is because it is in the middle of the North Pole and the equator. Their winters are cool and their summers are warm.
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Land and Water

The Northeast has valleys, hills, and mountains. The Appalachian mountains stretch from Maine down to Alabama. The longest hiking trail is Appalachian Trail. It goes from Maine to Georgia. Mount Washington is the tallest peak in the Northeast Region. It is also the windiest place on Earth. The Northeast has two Great Lakes, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.


The Northeast Region is a great place for tourists to visit.