"Nothing Gold Can Stay" Robert F.

Mark Poehler


I think it means nothing last forever. That somethings that seem amazing at first will sooner or later just be a normal thing. That you could get flowers and the could be worth anything for a day or two. Then later you will just think they are normal flowers nothing more.


Gold - Is the first and i think it means how much something is worth to you. not actual gold but is worth gold to you.

Leaf- I think it represents something you really like ,but eventually it just becomes what it is.

Flower- It also represents an object that is amazing at first but over time is just what it really is it is no longer gold in that persons eyes.

Metaphorical Comparison

He uses metaphorical phrases when he is talking about a leaf the tells that it subsides to a leaf. He compares Gold to everything in the poem. He compares the leaf to a mans grief. He has things all over the place but gold is the main thing gold is compared to almost everything.