Robert Frost

Poetic Genius


Robert Frost (1874-1963) was a 4 time Pulitzer Prize winning poet, with many works still used to teach students today. Frost published his first volume at 40 years old in 1913. Although many of his poems are about the northeastern area of America, Frost was born in San Francisco. He did not move to Massachusetts until around 11 after his father died. Robert graduated high school in 1892, after which he attended Dartmouth University. Once he had written his first poem, he proposed to his love, Elinor, in 1894. Elinor did not accept his proposal and marry him until she had finished her education in 1895. They then had their first born son, Elliot, in 1896. Frost began to attend Harvard in 1897 but had to drop out after just 2 years due to health concerns. He then moved to New Hampshire to farm and raise 4 more children until they had to sell the farm in 1912. Soon after, Frost found a man willing to publish his works, so he packed up his things and moved the family to England. Although, when WW1 broke out, he moved the family back to the states. He received his first Pulitzer Prize in 1924 and even read one of his poems at JFK's inauguration. After his long life of accomplishments, Robert Frost died on January 29, 1963 from surgery complications.

Impact on the World

Frost gave many things to the literature world in the way of his many poems. He gave beauty to the northeastern states of the country. His words painted pictures in the minds of his readers and fans. Frost's hard work is proved through his four Pulitzer Prizes. He won his first in 1924. Many readers and people alike would agree that the poetic symphonies Frost conducted on paper will last for a lifetime. There simply aren't poets such as this man today, but his legacy lives in spirit with the new generation of poets.
Robert Frost, Portrait in a Minute
1.) Why do you think that Frost's poetry was so popular?