The Lipan Apache's of Texas

Eleanor Crowder 3rd period PAP

Regions, homes, and food

Homes and Region

The Lipan Apaches lived in the great plains and lived a nomadic lifestyle, living in portable tepes to get around.

Food and how it was obtained

The Lipan Apaches ate deer, buffalo, and antelope. The Men hunted and the Women gathered fruits berries and nuts. Although not many Lipan were farmers they often ate corn that the small population of farmers farmed.

Tools, leadership, and religon


The most common tool used by the Lipan Apaches were the bow and arrow and the Lance. They could only be made by men as they were used in warfare.


Polythestic and believed in "spirits or gods" that controled things like rain or health. They could help you or hurt you. Before every hunt a religious leader (male) blessed the tribe.


Each band was lead by a Cheif that was chosen by the tribal concil.

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