The trip of your dreams

Where are we going?

We have 4 spots to go to. Day one we are going to wonderful Venus, the goddess of love, where we can see the jaw dropping blanket of clouds enclosing it and the beautiful volcanoes, next we are going to a Black Hole it is the same as park, ride but better, one of our safety robots will reinforce the shuttle for our safety. Space Travel co cares about you. We will also visit the far reaches of the Sun, for calm people you will be able to bask in its warmth, and for the sightseers we have developed special sunglasses to help your eyes as you watch Solar flares and the occasional Solar storm. Then cool off with a dip in the chilly rings of Saturn. The whole time our onboard robots and shuttle crew will be seeing to your every needs. All this for $5500, yes you heard us right $5500! But be quick, there are only 20 spots available. We hope to see you there!

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This is the Sun and a Solar flare, luckily we will be just behind the asteroid belt to avoid its heat but see its glory.