A Midsummer Night's Dream

By: Austin Nguyen, Kaly Phan, Jimmy Legg and Micah Conarty

Group D - Act 2, Scene 2, Lines 92-162


In our scene, the aftermath of Puck's actions unfolds. Demetrius tries to run off to find Hermia, and leaves Helena behind. Helena finds Lysander lying on the floor sleeping. She wakes him and he instantly falls in love with her. Helena, in disbelief, argues for a few moments with Lysander before running off. Lysander chases after Helena like a lost puppy. Elsewhere, Hermia wakes from a nightmare. She calls for Lysander, her love, but is surprised to see that he is not there. She collects herself and sets out to find Lysander.

Important Quote(s)

Act 2, Scene 2 Lines 117- 119

"Content with Hermia? No, I do repent

The tedious minutes I with her have spent.

Not Hermia but Helena I love."

-- Lysander


Happy with Hermia? No way, I do regret

The many minutes I have spent with her.

I don't love Hermia, but it is Helena that I love.


We chose this quote because it is basically the main conflict of this play. Lysander falling in love with Helena creates a temporary dispute between Hermia and Helena. This is the climax of the play/story. From then on, the story resolves itself.

Character Analysis

Demetrius // The Man Who Hermia's Parents Approve Of

Significance in the scene: He leaves Helena in the woods alone, allowing her then to find Lysander on the ground.

Conflict?: Man vs Man - During his time when he is searching for Hermia (and Lysander), Helena followed after him, trying to get Demetrius to give up and essentially persuade him to love her instead. This makes Demetrius think that Helena is a bit obsessive and he tries to lose her in the wood.

Character Trait: Desperate - As stated before, Demetrius searches for Hermia (and Lysander) in this scene; he is desperate to find her and bring her home. He is also desperate in that he wants to have Helena off of his own trail (he thinks she's nuts). It's this trait that contributes to Demetrius' action of leaving Helena in the woods, which further advances the plot.

Hermia// The Decorated Daughter of Egeus

Significance: She wakes up from a nightmare, but has the courage to go out and find her loved one who has suddenly gone missing.

Conflict: Man vs. Self- Hermia wakes from her nightmare, scared and calls for Lysander to comfort her. Her fright soon turns into her own confusion as she realizes that Lysander has disappeared. She cannot deal with her own problems that Lysander would normally help solve. She overcomes her feelings and emotion and sets out to find him after declaring that she would not lose him.

Character Trait- Hermia's trait of being determined advances the plot in that her perseverance to find her loved one brings her to a man vs. man conflict with Helena. Her determination brings her out to a situation that can be seen as a love square. Her love is chasing someone else when she is chasing him. Hermia's determination leads her to declare that she would die or find her love. So basically, this action of Hermia's leads her to the conflict in itself.


Significance: She leaves, feeling insulted, followed by Lysander, leaving Hermia alone in the woods.

Conflict: Man Vs. Man- Helena is chasing Demetrius through the woods until he leaves her behind where she finds Lysander sleeping on the ground and wakes him. Puck had made the mistake of applying the magic flower's juice to his eyes so when he woke, he saw Helena and fell in love with her instantly. When Lysander started confessing his love to her, she thinks he is playing a rude trick on her and leaves and Lysander follows her.

Character trait: Helena's trait of having a very low self-esteem strengthens throughout the scene. When Lysander falls in love with her, she thinks he is playing a cruel trick on her and trying to make her believe he loves her when he actually loves Hermia and she explains how she is worthless compared to Hermia.


Significance: Lysander wakes up, madly in love with Helena even though he previously loved Hermia. Lysander is obsessive over Helena which upsets Hermia.

Conflict: Man V.S. Man- Lysander is very in love with Helena. Helena thinks it's a joke but soon realizes it isn't. She tries to convince Lysander to take Hermia back, but he is set on Helena. As Helena leaves, Lysander follows her, still professing his love.

Character Trait: Lysander is very obsessive over the one he loves. Without his obsessed attitude there would be less conflict and drama throughout the scene.