Ann Bates

by: Tonisha Steele

When Born ,Where Born , When DIED

Born march 6 1817

Where Born Westminster London,England

Died Jan 29 west wolton

Ann Bates Family Life

Family life

Her family lived in the fencible settlement at onehunga Auckland where the bates family was employed as a tinsmith shortly after their arrival Sophia was appointed schoolmistress at st peters auglican parish school at 12s 6d


Ann Bates a school teacher in Philadelphia he husband joseph bates was a soldier repairman in genral henny clintan army in 1778 her husband joined the british troops

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The American Revolution Letter

Common thinking during the American Revolution conveyed that women were not smart enough to understand the issues relating to war. As a result, many women could easily overhear classified information by listening to the conversations of the men surrounding them.

Ann Bates took the pseudonym "Mrs. Barnes," posed as a peddler, and sold her goods to Americans while secretly reporting information back to the British. She even managed to gain access to George Washington's camp, which may be considered one of her biggest accomplishments.