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About Us

Sitara, translated as 'bright star' in Hindi, represents Asian fusion at its best. Our show is dedicated to the South Asian culture and is rooted in the rich heritage of these nations. Our annual show is a fusion fashion performance, including fashion, acting, dance and music.

We pride ourselves on our ability to stand out amongst other fashion shows, and be distinguished as not only demonstrating homage to South Asian fashion, but to the cultural foundation of these various societies.

In addition to being a one of a kind annual event, we dedicate our show and donate its proceeds to a charity of our choosing. Sitara* 2013 committed itself to the Ashraya Initiative for Children (, a charity which provides a home for street kids and supports various community outreach projects in Pune, India.

This year, Sitara* is proud to lend its support to two non-profit organisations: Kiva and SOS Children's Villages - Multan.

Kiva provides those in need access to capital, in order to create a better life for themselves and their families. The charity is based on a worldwide network of micro-finance institutions that administer internet donated loans to people in five continents. By investing in South Asian entrepreneurial projects, Sitara* shares Kiva’s vision of battling poverty through loans, in the hopes of changing millions of lives.

SOS Children's Villages - Multan is a non-governmental social welfare organization dedicated to providing homes for orphans and abandoned children. Affiliated with SOS Kinderdorf International, it is the largest children welfare organization in the world and has so far established over 1600 projects. This year, Sitara* plans on donating to that of Multan, in order to better the lives of the many children living there.

Sitara*, truly the brightest star on any social calendar.

Sitara* is brought to you by Sanskriti, the South Asian society of St. Andrews.

Designers from Sitara*2013

Who We Reach

Sitara* remains prominent on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! They serve as Sitara's way of connecting with our many guests and primarily how we circulate show information (e.g. ticket collections, photos, prize winners...etc.) We also launched a webzine in 2013, that was viewed in all corners of the world.

In addition, we have created a unique Sitara* website, which is consistently updated with new photos, videos and information. To date, our website has garnered an impressive 19, 527 page views within the last nine months.

Our new Instagram profile will now feature pictures from a 'behind-the-scenes' angle of our show. With updates ranging from photoshoots to backstage sneak peeks, our Instagram is not one to miss! #sitara #thebest

Why Join Us?

...Different We have the pleasure of being the only fashion show in St Andrews based through a cultural society. Our fashion show enables people from all over the world to view South Asian and fusion styles, with the focus on cutting-edge, beautiful and high impact pieces.

...Charity Every year we raise thousands for a charity that helps those in need. Every year we strive to pick a charity which will have a great impact on its community. The charity will focus on all of South Asia, and due to the high response and amazing support we have, Sitara is pleased to be looking at two charities for the 2014 show.

...Dedication Our team is full of incredibly dedicated members. Sitara recruits only those who are driven to succeed in attaining a goal. Both the committee, models, actors, and other staff members work around the clock to put on the very best representation of South Asian fusion culture and style.

It is our hope that after reading this info packet and speaking to our creative team, you'll join us on this incredible journey.

Many thanks,

Sitara*2014 Committee

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