How to Organise your Home Work

Some easy ways to keep the grades

Write Every Thing Down

Go out and buy something you can write everything to do with school in. Your school might supply this but if not you can pick up a cheap one at your local super market.

As soon as you receive your homework write it down next to its subject. Assign each subject a colour and write everything in your diary about that subject in its corresponding colour.

When you get home write all homework on a white board and number it according to importance. Every time you finish a piece of homework wipe it off and get started on the next.

Not Home Work , Home Play

Yep it's what you make of it, nothing more nothing less

Look at the fun side

Not Everybody Studies Best While There Alone - Gets Some Friends Involved

Take a break

Don’t forget to stop every once and a while and take a short break. The moment you can feel your concentration going elsewhere get up and take a walk, but don’t use this as another excuse for procrastination. One break every 30 minutes to an hour is good.

Remember to set aside some time for exercise (1 hour a day). Eat lots of brain food such as yogurt, fruit, vegies and WATER!

Make sure that you’re getting your 8 hours of sleep every night and stick to a regular sleep schedule.

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