Homogeneous Mixtures

Identifying Parts of Homogeneous Mixtures


The purpose of this lab is to identify homogeneous mixtures. Throughout the procedures, the individual will be experimenting with different types of homogeneous mixtures and observing the different the properties. The data should consist of observations the individual has made about the different mixtures. What identifies the mixture to be a homogeneous mixture?

Saftey Procedures and Equipment

-Safety goggles: When dealing with heat, liquids, or gasses you must always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. When observing the hot liquid, keep distance to where it is not possible from burning yourself. Have your safety goggles on at all times.

-Hot plate: When dealing with a hot plate, you must always be cautious of your actions. No horse playing is allowed at anytime. You must take all precautions to keep from burning yourself.

-Glass: When dealing with glass, you always want to handle the equipment with extra care. If the glass is broken, tell the teacher immediately and always throw away the glass into a separate broken glass container.




-2 Beakers

-Hand Lens



-Filter Paper

-Stirring Rod

-Safety Goggles

-Hot Plate

-Evaporating dish



  1. Plug in the hot plate, and set the dial to level eight, and continue with the procedures as it heats up

  2. On one half of a piece of filter paper, place a scoop of salt

  3. On the other half of the same filter paper, place a scoop of sand

  4. Observe both the salt and the sand using the hand held lens

  5. Pour both the salt and sand into an empty beaker

  6. Add 50 mL of water into that same beaker

  7. Using the stirring rod, gently stir all the sand, salt and water together

  8. Observe the mixture

  9. Fold the filter paper and place it inside the funnel

  10. Place the filter and the funnel over the beaker that is still empty

  11. Pour the mixture into the funnel, so that the mixture filters through into the beaker

  12. Observe the filter paper

  13. Place ten drops of the filtered mixture from the beaker onto the evaporating dish

  14. Using tongs, place the evaporating dish on the hot plate and let the liquid water vaporize

  15. Observe whether there is anything remaining on the evaporating dish

  16. Turn off the hot plate, being sure to be careful while it cools down