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Newsletter Vol 19 Term: 4 Week 5 - 10 November 2017

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Newsletter 10 November 2017

“Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” – Proverbs 22:6

Yesterday it was great to see our newest students – students from Year 7 2018 – visit the School for their Orientation Day.

It was a wonderful opportunity to welcome these bright young faces into our Magdalene community and to share with them a little about our school and what they can expect next year.

Orientation activities involved meeting and connecting with other students, touring the school, actual ‘high school lessons’ and fun activities such as a Trivia Quiz with our senior student leaders. There was also a chance for some important testing so that we can help our newest students transition as seamlessly as possible into 2018.

During the morning many parents/carers and family members (close to 100) stayed behind for a morning tea and it was heartening to see so many mingling and meeting other parents/carers for the first time.

Previously this week, the Year 7 2018 Parent Information Evening allowed families to hear from key people in the School and to gain insight into: “how we do things around here”. Parents/carers heard from myself, Mrs Foldes, Mrs Forner and Mr Manns (Year 7 Coordinator for 2018). They heard from our Senior Student Captains, Vice Captains and were also treated to hearing from one of our current Year 7 students, Kyna Kelly, who spoke about her experiences this year.

No doubt it has been a very exciting and informative time for our new students and we hope their time at Magdalene will be successful and lead to great learning for life. You can see in the photographs below just how much excitement (and/or concentration) was on the faces of our newest students and some of the various activities from the day.


In keeping with Orientation Events this week the following prayer supports the idea of renewal and rebirth:


You are full of grace and complete forgiveness. Help me to walk forward from this day. Thank you that right now I can enter into a new dawn, a fresh start, and a new freedom.

You turn the pages of my life and wash each day clean. Help me to feel that I can learn from the past in your safe arms and move on. Thank you that I can write a new story on a fresh page. With you I find vision and hope again.

Thank you for the price that you paid that I always have a chance to begin again with you.


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Canteen Duty

Congratulations Taylah!

Taylah Parker (Year 12) has recently been selected in the NSW under 21 Indoor Hockey Team to contest the Hockey Australia National Under 21 Indoor Championships in January.

On top of that Taylah has also been selected to be on the umpiring panel at the Hockey Australian under 15 National Indoor championships also to be held in January.
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P and F

The fourth and final meeting of the P&F for 2017 was held in week 3. While it was intended to be our Annual General Meeting, with folks lining up to nominate for the Executive roles of President, Treasurer and Secretary, we didn't generate the excitement we had hoped for. The nominations and vote for these important roles has now been held over to the first meeting in 2018, so if you are keen to support the P&F, why not contact us at

The P&F is a great avenue to support the school and your child's education. Over the past 12 months, the P&F has funded the installation of air-conditioning, supported the Brewarrina Immersion Program, provided sponsorship to students who excel in sports, arts, and leadership, donated to the Magdalene Trivia Night, and cooked a lot of sausages.

Thank you to all the teachers, parents, friends, and students, who have supported the P&F over the past 12 months. In particular, we'd like to thank Catherine McDonald for her outstanding support as Secretary and Steve Grabowski for running the numbers in his role as Treasurer. Both Catherine and Steve have served the maximum three years and must now retire and sail off into the sunset.

We'd also like to thank Matt McMahon and Jenny Foldes for their outstanding leadership. It is clear that the school is in good hands, and we look forward to working collaboratively with Matt, Jenny, and the excellent staff at Magdalene, to support the education of our children.

Congratulations to our graduating Year 12 students who finished their exams this week. May you always look back with fond memories of your time at Magdalene and the friendships forged over the past 6 years.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe, enjoyable and relaxing new year.

All the best.


(On behalf of the P&F)

Magdalene CUP

Official results from the 2017 Magdalene Cup held on 7 November 2017 on a very dry, but very green track on the Brother Crowley Oval.

Finding Nemo from the stables of 8S took out the Alan McManus Plate with Lord Moore (7M) coming in second and We Win (8W) rounding out the trifecta.

In the Magdalene Cup, Spunky from 10W crossed the finish line first with Hippity Hoppity (9M) and Eleven Moore (11M) following closely behind.

Congratulations to the 2017 Champions!

Alan McManus Plate

1ST 8S

FINDING NEMO Jack, Jacob, Noah

2ND 7M

LORD MOORE Lincoln, Michael, Brianna and Nathan

3RD 8W

WE WIN Bella, Kira and Sheridan

Magdalene Cup

1ST 10W

SPUNKY Rhys, Josh, Mikaela and Kaitlin

2ND 9M

HIPPITY HOPPITY Flynn, Jye and Nathan

3RD 11M

ELEVEN MOORE Matt, Riley, Nick, Caitlin

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We have a large number of school uniform pieces in LOST PROPERTY. Parents can you please ask your child/children to check the lost property for any lost clothing, drink bottles or glasses. The lost property is located in the front office.

Thank you for your assistance.

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