Teacher's Toolbox

Technological diversity for an exciting classroom.

Teacher's Toolbox

Keeping technology fresh in the classroom keeps things interesting for you and (most importantly) for the students.

I've put together a list of different websites and tools that I learned about at the TCEA conference. Check out the buttons below to finds the ones that I'm presenting OR explore the more 50 additional links to add some excitement to your class.

Website Links Presented


Find Videos, clip videos, upload videos, add your voice & EMBED QUIZZES. Also, keep up with student data.

Active Textbook

Upload documents, handouts, textbooks, etc and create interactive points with your document. Add links, quizzes, definitions, photos to make your material interactive.


Like pinterest for educators & students. Great for research.


Online classes or lessons with loads of gadgets to make it interactive and fun!

Class Dojo

Class messaging tool...+documenting tool, +rewarding tool, +timer, +random selection.


Tool for reading, writing, and art. Structure classes, create & share work, comment in a safe environment.

Smarty Pins

Fun Google Maps Based Game


Quiz, Poll, Exit Tickets & Game


Pick a subject, play a game, feed the hungry


Create a 5 min interactive lesson plan.


Cloud based collaborative research with access from lots of different platforms.


Class messaging system that allows you to send lots of different types of formatted messages to students and parents. You can also put your messages on social media.


Presentation & Video Creator: Great for lessons or Student presentations