2016 HSNUMUN Conference

A Model United Nations Conference Held by HSNUMUN Club 4th

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The registration fee for each delegate through regular registration is 3200 NTD. And register before the end of this year, you can get a 200 NTD discount! Besides, through group registration (two delegates), you can get another 200 NTD discount!

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Chinese Version: http://goo.gl/forms/iznjYaYMfY
​English Version (for foreign students): http://goo.gl/forms/uEze2QNOgk

Contact Us: HSNUMUN Club 4th

As a school club in HSNU, any student who is interested in getting involved with global issues, engaging in exciting heated debating, learning to gain the ability of fluent public speaking in English, making acquaintances and expecting to enhance his/her English ability may become one of our members. We believe that the core value of being a MUNer is to show and demonstrate our care for the world; attending conferences is just a medium of digging into an issue for better understanding and analysis, and conferences themselves are platforms for us to speak up for what we care for and extend the reaches of the thoughts in our hearts.

Debating for Better Future, let the world hear our voice.