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Venus Factor Review - the restriction of fat

John Barban author of venus factor program review said: Seemingly dead end but not all so sad - Turns calorie reduction by about the same 10-15% can be obtained, so to speak, as a bonus, if you just follow these rules:

Reduce the fat content of food, abandoning the use of large amounts of oil, mayonnaise, replacing fat meat lean, using pans with non-stick coating for frying and so on. Should not be used and fatty treats as a separate meal.
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It was found that the restriction of fat itself tends to reduce daily caloric as not compensated by the use of other products.

Let me remind you that the reduction of fat is very important for us in itself. First, as we have seen, with age the body's ability to break down fat decreases.

Secondly, if an excess of fat and cholesterol in the diet accelerates the development of atherosclerosis and premature aging.

Feasibly limit the intake of sugars. Put less sugar in tea and coffee; reduce the consumption of sugary soft drinks and yoghurts.

Also, according to research, this modification reduces the supply excessive appetite, order food and thus reduce its calorie content.

Making more frequent meals - Eat small meals at frequent intervals of about 5-6 times a day.
This direction in the health proved that when powered with a frequency of 5-6 times a day, a sense of satisfaction from the food comes at a lower caloric intake than the one-twice the power.