Hall Elementary Teacher Newsletter

September 22, 2014


IP Retreat

Tiffany and I will be out Monday and Tuesday for the Instructional Partner Retreat. I will be available via email. Please message me if you need anything at all.

September Birthday Celebration

We will have duty free lunch and cake this Friday, September 26. Please drop off your kids in the cafeteria line and enjoy lunch on the stage. I ask that you please remind the kids to go easy on the support staff and keep the volume low. Please come dismiss your students when your lunch time is over. I ask support staff, on a voluntary basis, to come help out if you are available. The more the merrier when it comes to crowd control :O)

Grades / Progress Reports

Progress Reports are due in the office for review on Monday, September 29. Please make sure that your grade level has collaborated on grades. You should have the same amount of grades that are named the same and are assessed the same. Make sure that you have taken care of test / retest and have entered all grades before this date.

Lesson Plans

I have gotten feedback from teachers that some lessons are taking longer than expected and that they are not able to get to everything that they need to in a day....that they are spending long periods of time on one thing and skipping others. I want to remind you that you are in control of your plans. If you find yourself in this position, plan less and take longer. Strive for in-depth learning, not a checklist of daily to-do items. Collaborate and communicate with your grade level on these issues. Make sure that your instruction is focused, mindful, and meaningful. This is a problem that we can fix!

Rules and Procedures

Please make sure that you are doing your part to consistently reinforce Hall Elementary rules and procedures with your class. We walk in silent lines in the hallways. We do not run to get into lines when we are leaving the cafeteria. We put our tray in the window and slide it in one person at a time. Our kids will not follow these procedures if they know that you don't expect it from them. Well behaved students are a result of teachers with high expectations. If you do not mandate these behaviors as non-negotiable, your students will not exhibit good behavior when they are with you or with others. This is not fair to Coach Allred, Mrs. Mitchell, Mr. Shipman, or our music and art teachers who are with us throughout the year. Student behavior begins and ends with YOU!


Remember that the 20 days after Labor Day are important for our attendance! We need to be at 95% or above daily. An average of our daily attendance in this period is used to calculate ADA, which is used to determine how many teacher units we have next year. Please make sure that someone is calling each day about attendance and that you stress the importance of being at school each day in your newsletters or calls to parents.

Accelerated Reader

I appreciate the efforts you made to place get AR in line. Please be mindful that 35/Z/90 is the goal that we are expected to maintain. However, please do not spend excess time reading and testing in an effort to boost your data. It serves no purpose to have an excessive Engaged Time and still have a Success Index below 90%. That just shows that a ton of classroom time was taken to test in AR that could/ should have been spent in other areas. Don't make your kids test test test.... find the balance of having kids reading and scoring high on books within their ZPD and 35/Z/90 should come naturally.

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Mrs. Gray: Technology and Federal Programs Reminders

  • United Way Student Campaign will run 9/15-9/26.

  • Parents need to sign and return Parent Compacts. Turn in one complete set to Mrs. Gray and keep one complete set on file in your classroom.

From the Other Mrs. Mitchell: Library News

The AR information for the week is improving. Please continue to monitor student quizzing, adjust their ZPD when needed (increase or decrease), and take status of the class as often as needed. It is a great idea to customized your date for the current week on your diagnostic report, so that you can monitor if all of your students are quizzing and scoring 90% or better.

Textbook Issues: As students withdraw, please be sure to send their library books and both Math In Focus textbooks and workbooks to the library. Workbooks must be sent through the mailbag to their next school. Textbooks must be checked back into the library. In addition, please send their library books and cards to the library as well.

As you have new students transferring in, please be sure to send me their names so that I can make new cards and check if their library account is clear at their previous school.

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Good Reads - Becoming Student-Centered

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Have a great week :O)