Culture Collage

My culture and American culture.

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Money is the most important thing in American society, so our culture has grown to be centered around it. We always want more money.


All of these things are part of my culture, the American culture. Though I do not agree with all of these things, it is how the culture works. How America works. The beauty that is valued in America is fake beauty, we look to the outside to see how someone looks to us. What really matters is how they act. We as Americans love our country. We love how we live free, when so many others don't. But also we will go to war for our country, we will kill for our country, sometimes even when we do not know what it is all for. Buy products left and right, but we are also letting them control us. We wait for the next iphone, to be the first of our friends to get it. Maybe we should be using our money on better things.

All cultures have always been focused on music, this is because it helps us express the things, and emotions we feel we can not say. This is not just Americans but all cultures, it is human culture. Time is what everyone wants more of, time is the center of our lives. The minutes, hours, days, they all push us forward. They give us deadlines to achieve great things, they keep us moving. Also religion is a focus in all cultures. In mine it is Christianity, but there are so many other religions that all attribute to the diversity of American culture. They all have different things they bring to the mix of cultures that is American culture. Now we come to the center of society. Money, after all what are you if you have no money? You have no food, no clothes, no education. Yes, money is the most important thing in society, so naturally it is in American culture. It fuels our obsession with products, and it even impacts how we interact with other people. All of these things are evidence of American culture, my culture.