Pandora On Earth

A Known Pandora Organism Has Been Discovered On Earth

While a researching team was traveling through a South American rain forest, they discovered what has now been verified as a creature from Pandora called a fan lizard (right). Though it is still a mystery how it exactly got to Earth, many speculate it was illegally brought back, and then was either released or escaped. Scientists see this as an opportunity to study the creature without angering the Pandora natives. Out of the information that has been released, the fan lizard has a large, retractable disk on its back, which is compared to the design of the Da Vinci helicopter (left). This bioluminescent disk is used to fly away to safety or ward off attackers when it is startled with the sudden appearance of the disk and increase in size. There is a purple and magenta membrane, also slightly bioluminescent for the rest of its body. It seems to breathe as any lizard would on Earth and eat different insect type organisms, leading to the popular belief that these organisms are related to the ones from Earth.