Time Travel to the Antebellum South

May 26, 2016 to May 31, 2016


This thrilling trip may only take five days in modern time, but you will surely be excited to hear that your experience will last seven years in the year 1819!

Here are some reasons you may want to consider this amazing opportunity:

1. If you are white, you can control (50) slaves.

2. White people have more advantages than blacks.

3. Slaves can make you rich!

4. You can extend your life by several years.

5. You can learn a lot by this unique experience.

6. This trip is only going to be offered one time.

7. You can escape from (100) frustrating technology.

8. Years of relaxation are awaiting.

9. You will make many new friends.

During this trip, you will learn many things. For instance, you can practice your leadership skills by controlling others and showing young white children how to run a plantation, which is one example of an (150) opportunity that is not available in modern times. Also, you will meet many new people of different backgrounds than you are used to. Therefore, you can learn about exciting new cultures and join in on the fun of past traditions. Additionally, you will make some of the best friends of (200) your life on this trip. It is easy to meet new people to bond with in the antebellum south because so many people here have shared goals and mindsets. For example, white people work together to prevent slaves from escaping to freedom and to stop blacks from joining in on (250) white privileges. Plus, you can get slaves to babysit for you absolutely free, so feel free to have as many kids as you want. Children do not cost as much to take care of, and they also do not expect toys and technology as expensive as modern kids want. Not (300) to mention, it is extremely wonderful that you have freedom to begin a new life in the antebellum south. If you want to escape past mistakes or traumatizing memories, this opportunity is perfect for a new beginning.

What to pack to survive in the 1800s:

1. Old-fashioned clothing (examples pictured (350) at bottom of advertisement)

2. Modern medicines

3. Map of the south from the 1800s

4. Old-fashioned styled shoes

5. First aid supplies

6. Toothpaste

7. Toothbrush

8. Deodorant

9. Soap or other sanitation items

Side note: be sure not to let anyone see modern supplies that you bring to (400) avoid any confusion or suspicion among natives to this time period

What to leave in the present day:

1. Phones

2. Computers

3. Cars or trucks

4. Modern clothing

5. Modern shoes

6. Nail polish

7. Contacts

Trip Schedule:

-meet at Eaton Canyon in Altadena, CA

-we will leave at (450) exactly 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 26, 2016, so be there on time!!

-the trip will be concluded at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hurry- pack your bags and get ready to travel to the antebellum south!

Big image

1820s fashion (History of Fashion - Romantic)

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Confederate dollar from the antebellum south (The Southern Homefront)