American System

By: Andre Bailey

What Was The "American System¨?

The American System was a plan to strengthen and unify the United States by maintaining high public land prices, supporting higher tariffs, and to preserve the bank of the U.S.

Nationalism vs Sectionalism

Nationalism is the strong belief that the interest of a potential nation-state are or primary importance. Sectionalism the strong belief that a region of a country has and needs primary importance.

Key Components of the American System

One key of the American System were tariffs which were wanted by government leaders because they thought it would increase American manufacturing. Another key component was the National Bank which would create a stable and common currency for the country. Lastly, internal improvements were implemented to increase trading within the United States through transportation by building better roads.

Who Was Henry Clay?

Henry Clay was a well known government official in the nineteenth century who supported the idea of the American System. He was apart of the Whig party which largely ran against the Democratic party. During his time as leader of the Whig party he created 3 popular compromises named the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the Tariff Compromise of 1833, and the Compromise of 1850. After his death the Whig party disappeared, but the Republican party was formed and fulfilled his ideas for the American System.