Break Time!

A Class of Leaders // December 18, 2015

Winter Break!

Winter break is here! Students have worked very hard and are definitely ready for these three weeks off

Optional Practice

I mentioned in my last post that I would be sending some optional packets home with students if they would like to stay busy over break. However, there were some copying issues that arose this week and I was unable to make the packet like I had hoped.

However, to solve the problem we will be going digital with the work! I'll set up students on Google Classroom and they can complete the work if they would like for Dojo points when they return. It will be all digital and you shouldn't need to print out anything if you don't want to. I will work to have it posted by Monday.

Again, this is OPTIONAL, but any student can participate!

STEM Activity!

Today the kids went home with a fun STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) activity that can keep them busy on a day over break. They can either try it by themselves, or families are welcome to jump in! I'd love to see any pictures or explanations of how students figured out the problem if they try it

Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

  • CODE- Can you improve your coding skills?? Work on Google CS-First Storytelling, Art, and here are some other coding resources!
  • Create your own game! Use digital resources (Scratch, Google Slides) or paper and markers to create a game. The game can reinforce learning (math facts, vocabulary) or just be for fun!
  • Practice Multiplication Math Facts! This is actually very important because you we are now memorizing our facts at this point in the year. You can use digital flashcards, or play all of the exciting online games!
  • Learn something new! What have you always wanted to learn about? Research it and write about it. You can write about it, make a slides presentation, code something, or add a video. Just remember to be safe online and always check with your parents first.
  • READ! Find new books, new places to read, share what you are reading. Here is a Fun Places to Challenge - or create your own reading challenge!
  • WRITE! Write a story, a letter, or write about something you learned. Share your writing with a friend.
  • What do you WONDER about? Check out Wonderopolis and see what's out there.

Winter Olympics

Our class party yesterday was a success! We joined with Mrs. Anastasio's class to participate in some Olympic events. Students played for different countries and competed from opening to closing ceremonies. A BIG thank you to Christina Higgins for organizing the event and to all the parents who came out to help!

See you back on January 12

Thank you!

- Miss Roy